A man who knows that green is the new red 1

The President of the Czech Republic recognizes a bid to curb liberty when he sees one.

He sees it in the determination of the Global Warmists – which is to say mainly the global Left – to  dictate to us how we must run our lives: obediently, in economically reduced circumstances, and with much greater dependency on the slender mercies of the state.  All other excuses for Socialism having failed, the Left is trying to impose it on us with the pretext of saving the planet.

Read what he has said and written about this here.

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  • Indigo Red

    Global warming was never about saving the planet from temperatures. It’s always been about money. GW is here to stay; it’s too late to stop it. GW is now an industry with its own stock market and currency. The best anyone can do now is control this new industry from within.