Obama redder and redder 2

Read here about an even more radical connection that Obama has.

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  • Will

    That is one of the many reasons why I will not vote for him. I refuse to believe that he has any change to offer other than being a new face. Him being associated with CODE PINK is reason enough for me not to vote for him.

    I recently saw a photo that had the code pink people carrying a banner that said “We support the murder of the American troops”. Sure they can be against the war, but when you support the killing of our own soldiers that is crossing the line. That lowers their credibility even more.

    Another reason why I don’t like Obama is because a lot of voters are voting just because of one word “Change”. People need to look at the issues and vote for who they think is right. If they think Obama is the best for them based on their issues, so be it, but do not vote just because of “Change”. The same could be said about his race too. A lot of voters are voting because of him being an African-American, just as they would for Hilary being a woman.

    • George

      Actuality it’s the “group think ” mentality. If we conservatives don’t come out and vote strongly , Obama can be re-elected and this would be disastrous for America.      How’s  that hope and change doing for these losers now ?