Political corruption of children 2

We have become all too familiar with the sexual corruption of innocence by schools teaching the very young more about sex than they have any need to know or comprehension of, with special stress on indoctrinating them to accept homosexuality as normal.

Some are being corrupted with political indoctrination. Here a Canadian paper describes how children are being taught lies about Saudi Arabia and misled about Islam.

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  • Will

    When I was in high school a few years ago, all I ever heard from the students were “F**K BUSH” and “F**K the government”. These kids don’t know anything about politics other than what the liberal rock music and their parents tell them. More than likely, if I asked them why they hated Bush(I don’t particularly like him that much either) they would say “because my parents said so”

    It’s more apparent with religion though than politics Kids are taught that Christianity is right and everything else is wrong at a very young age when they aren’t old enough to know any better.

    Seems that no one can form their own opinion anymore. I wish people could look at the facts and think for themselves, not just blindly follow a belief or ideology because someone else says it’s the cool thing to do.

  • They’re doing the same in California and Texas.

    Here’s an idea – let’s go to a school in Mecca and have a ‘Get to know Christians Day’, or how about ‘Jew for a Day’. Then we can try to survive the ensueing pursuit by local barbarians.