More about Obama’s plans for disarmament 4

 A video of Barack Obama talking about his plan to eliminate the United States  nuclear arsenal.

This shows just how dangerous Barack Obama really is. I find his mantra of ‘lead by example’ absurd. Does he seriously think that countries such as Russia, China, and Iran will give up their nuclear weapons because the United States does? If this happens, there will be nothing stopping these repressive regimes from aggressively pursuing their imperialist ambitions. 

He seems to believe that  the destruction of the United States is a price worth paying so that people like him can feel good about themselves.

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  • Jillian Becker

    Hullo there, Second Earl! A man who speaks for Britain!

    Are you also answerable for what Britain has become? Namely, a province of corrupt, undemocratic Eurabia, with a capital rightly named Londonistan?

  • Vixwald, Second Earl of Marr

    You must destroy evil, not just skirt it.

  • W.

    Such a waste?Then why did you waste your precious time responding?

  • Vixwald, Second Earl of Marr

    Here in Britain, at least within my circle of friends, we are 100% behind Mr. Obama, especially because of the policy you mistakingly attack withing this post.

    First of all, this is an awesome idea. Leading by example will work. We have a bigger stockpile, so reducing some won’t hurt, even if other countries do not follow suit (an extremely unlikely possibility, given that niceness makes more friends than meanness).

    Secondly, America has the greatest military in the world. The destruction of a couple of missles in the hope of other sacrifices will not remove the greatness of America and her allies, who can defeat ANY power that cares to surface. Any belief in the contrary is alarmist and unpatriotic.

    Finally, your alienating views are the reason that this site has next to no hits. To hear a bunch of nuts screaming inaccuracies that do more damage than good is stupid, and a waste of everyone’s time.

    This site is a waste.