Islamic group hired to register voters – result, fraud 2

 Is the Democratic Party ignorant of Islam’s intentions? Or do they want to see those intentions realized? 

The story below raises these questions.

A group hired by the Democratic Party to register voters is in trouble for vote fraud in Louisiana:State probes voter registration drive — Baton Rouge, LA.

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne said Tuesday he will meet today with a Democrat-affiliated group responsible for a voter registration effort that is inundating East Baton Rouge and other parish registrars with bogus and incomplete applications.

Dardenne said his investigators are trying to determine if any state election laws have been violated as thousands of voter registration cards have been dumped on registrars offices through the efforts of VIP. “We have some very real concerns about the data we are getting from them,” Dardenne said.

VIP is a Washington, D.C., group hired by national Democrats to register some 70,000 new voters in advance of the presidential and other federal elections this fall.

“With an effort this big there’s always going to be glitches and problems along these lines,” said Brian Welsh, communications director for the Democrats’ Louisiana Victory 2008.

So who is “VIP?”

VIP is an operation run by the Muslim American Society, a front group for the jihad movement known as the Muslim Brotherhood. But don’t take my word for it; here’s a detailed report on the Muslim American Society from the Investigative Project.

Are the Democrats so desperate to get Barack Obama elected that they’ll climb into bed with one of the most notorious radical Islamic groups in the world—a group that is openly dedicated to destroying Western civilization and establishing a global caliphate?

It would seem so.

Here’s an LGF search with much more information about the Muslim American Society, their support for suicide bombings and jihad, and their connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.


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  • Matthew Slijyper

    Quite right. One of the things I am always told is ‘Unlike most Republicans, you’re not a crazy religious nut.’ The Party would be a lot more popular if it weren’t for the religious taint you mentioned.

    Thank you for your comments.

  • Will

    One more reason why the US/Europe shouldn’t let a RELIGION start to control them. Although some could say that the US is controlled by Christianity and the extreme religious right.

    We need to do something about these religious groups. Separation of church and state…that means religion should be out of politics and government in general.

    On the republican front I saw an article that stated that John Hagee, a McCain endorser, said that Hitler was doing “God’s work”. How can such a “loving” God have someone kill over 6 million Jews and other ethnicities??

    These religious endorsements are total crap. No one should vote for someone based on religion and it seems it’s happening on both sides. Islamic groups trying to persuade voters into voting Dem.. and fundamentalist Christians for the republican side.

    Conservatives wouldn’t get as much bashing as we do now if we didn’t have the extreme religious right tainting our values/stance on issues.