Obama as an indirect danger? 1

 The President appoints the people he works with, who may be very bad for the country, but the President himself is not to be held responsible for any harm they do?

So thinks Bill Steigerwald, interviewed in Townhall:

Q: If he [Barack Obama] became president, would you lose any sleep at night?

A: I wouldn’t over him. I would worry about the people he would surround himself with. I have a very high opinion of him in most respects. I don’t think he’d do anything consciously to put the country in peril. But I would worry about who his secretary of state was, I’d worry about who his secretary of interior was, I’d worry that he’d be hostile to private enterprise and the appointments he’d make. But he himself doesn’t really bother me at all. 

An outstanding example of stupidity! 

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  • Will

    if anything happened while Obama was president, I doubt the left wingers would blame him for anything either. The party democrats would blindly accept what goes on because in their mind, “It could be worse if we had a Republican as president” or..”4 more years of GWB..”

    This election is going to be awful.. The candidates are horrible IMO but I guess McCain is the lesser of two evils. It is sad that we have to even say that when electing a president.