But America should drill, drill, drill 2

 Adam Brodsky writes in the New York Post today about the growing unwillingness of Americans to continue pouring dollars into the coffers of states which use them to destroy the West. He says: 

Surely things are headed in the right direction: i.e., toward less US dependence on foreign oil.

Just fantasize the possibilities: Terror, bankrupt. Iran, shriveled. Chavez, history. Gore shuts up.

And SUVs rule.

All without firing a single bullet.

Oil’s well that ends well? Here’s hoping.


Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Friday, July 25, 2008

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  • Robert Downy Jr

    Did you know Caribou are anti-semitic hate machines who want nothing more that to see you and your family suffer? We must give up oil? Yeah good idea. Even though doing something like that would destroy the global economy and result in the deaths of millions of people.

    Liberal idiot.

  • Environment Protector

    Drilling for oil would damage our environment. Oil pipelines will disrupt the migration of the caribou. This will significantly altar our ecosystem. Oil spills kill rare and precious wild life. We must give up oil altogether and go back to a simpler way of life