The Arab-Israel conflict and the continuing persecution of the Jews 2

 It needs to be said over and over again: It is not the size of the Jewish state that troubles the Arabs, and Muslims in general; it is the fact that a Jewish state exists at all.

Their only solution to the Arab-Israel conflict is the total elimination of Israel; is and always has been. That is why ‘Peace Now’ and all the treaties and the conferences and  the diplomatic missions and the UN interferences and the ‘Land for Peace’ optimism have not amounted to a hill of beans. That is why Arafat turned down an offer that would have given the Palestinians 95 percent of the ‘territorial demands’ they pretended to for a time. That is why all efforts by President Bush, or Secretary of State Rice (who seems grossly to misunderstand the whole issue), or Tony Blair, or anyone else to broker a peace deal are doomed to failure. That is why Israel’s total withdrawal from Gaza made no difference to the constant claim that Gaza is ‘occupied territory’, and why if Israel stops building settlements on the West Bank there will be no cheers, not the least expression of satisfaction from the Palestinians, but only more complaints and more demands, and no doubt active aggression, as there is now from Gaza.

The conflict can only be settled by total victory for the Arab-Islamic aggressors, or such a show of strength by the West as a whole in support of Israel that  the aggressors give up.

What is the likelihood of  the West so wholeheartedly supporting Israel? Not high.  And when the whole of Europe has come to be dominated by its growing Islamic populations – which is very likely to happen –  the chances for Israel’s survival will be greatly diminished. 

Why this persistent willful blindness on the part of Western leaders to the realities of the conflict? 

One may as well ask, why two thousand years of persecution of the Jews?

The Jews are among that minority of peoples who have done no harm to other peoples in all that time. They are hugely benefactors of all mankind. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the Jews – the vast majority of whom were miserably poor and oppressed –  were falsely, absurdly, and wickedly accused of plotting to dominate the world. The forgery known as ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ were (as Professor Norman Cohn has brilliantly demonstrated in his book by this name) a ‘Warrant for Genocide’ – the genocide of the Holocaust. The wave of revulsion that went round the world when the Nazi death-camps were liberated and the atrocities committed by the Germans became known, translated itself into an abhorrence of  ‘racism’ – but the only people who have not been the beneficiaries of that abhorrence are the Jews themselves.

Now Muslims frequently and openly preach that they desire a caliphate to rule the whole world under Sharia law. Their holy books prescribe world-domination. Their method of achieving it is to carry out  acts of murderous violence with the utmost cruelty, such as beheading victims – even young children –  or burning them to death; blowing people up en masse in trains, flying planes into office buildings so that workers inside them are forced to choose between incinerating themselves or jumping hundreds of feet to their deaths below. At the same time the jihadists of Islam are using the freedoms and tolerance of the West to infiltrate and undermine it.  These things are actually happening.  There is no false accusation here, no forged documents.  But Islam does not stand accused of the evil aim, the atrocities, the crimes, by Western governments. Now that the plot of destruction and domination is real, the politicians, the majority of the intellectual elites and the ‘fourth estate’ of the journalists shake in their boots and pretend that it is not happening. Now that the threat is real, they are really afraid. They cringe before the monsters who are attacking and humiliating them. Shame on them all!




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  • Tristan Downing

    I am an athiest Conservative but your views are far from my own. Perhaps the title of your website is misleading and missing the terms extremist, Zionist and paranoid. Zionism is a strange view to take for an athiest. There is no rational reason to be pro Israel or pro Jew. The idea that Jews have never done any harm is a denial of reality. Hamas being bad is not an argument for their enemy being good. Unfortunately the Tory ranks are riddled with zionists, but that doesn’t mean the right wing and zionism goes hand in hand. Unfortunately the same ranks are poisoned by Christian ideas and Islamists too, and I would support neither. Support of Israel, Judaism, Christianity, or Islam does not come from rational thinking, but atheism usually does, unless you go too far and believe you “know” God does not exist. Regardless of whether or not the arguments against belief in God leave a tiny gap for the faithful to cling to, reasoning alone is not enough to “know” God does not exist. But on this site you seem to agressively assert this knowledge is possible. I think it is this ability to leap from reason to faith that causes you to write with the same style of a religious fundamentalist. This explains the irrational support of Israel.

    Islamists may want the whole world to be Islamic (I’d rather the whole world be atheist) but that doesn’t mean Arabs cannot learn to accept Israel. Israel may not talk in the same hateful way as Hamas, but Israel’s actions have been more agressive and violent. I do not support any Islamist movement at all, but I also do not pretend Israel is righteous. Israel does not have the right to exist. There is no such thing as rights but those which we give ourselves and defend with force. But if Israel wants to exist in peace in the Middle East, the least it could do is not make things more difficult than it has to be. Israel cannot remove all hate for it, but if it did the very reasonable steps of ending the Gaza blockade, total pullout of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and giving total access to water sources, it would dramatically reduce the hatred. It is Israel’s bad choices and the West’s foolish policy to support those bad choices, that dramatically increases the risk of attack for the rest of us. If there were no Islamists, we would be obviously not have this terrorist threat, but if there were no Israel, we would have dramatically less terrorism too. If we had no religions at all, none of this would be an issue.

  • Bill Johnson

    I am a Christian and I want to let you know that I completely and wholeheartedly agree.