Obama’s legislative record is shocking and scary 3

 Peter Wehner writes on Commentary’s Contentions website:

It is striking that when speaking about Barack Obama’s years in Chicago, Democrats invoke like an incantation his work as a community organizer–which I gather is not all that impressive–rather than his record as a state legislator. You would never know that Obama does in fact have a legislative record; it’s simply one Democrats cannot highlight without doing enormous damage to Obama.

I have written pieces that document Obama’s overall legislative record and his fluctuating and misguided positions on Iraq. And today the Washington Times does us the service ofexamining, with some care, Obama’s record as an Illinois state senator. According to theTimes,

Sen. Barack Obama will portray himself Thursday night as an agent of change for mainstream America, but his eight-year voting record in the Illinois Senate shows the Democrat was on occasion an agent of isolation who took stands – particularly on anti-crime legislation – that put him to the left of his own party.

Mr. Obama was the only member of the state Senate to vote against a bill to prohibit the early release of convicted criminal sexual abusers; was among only four who voted against bills to toughen criminal sentences and to increase penalties for “gangbangers” and dealers of Ecstasy; and voted “present” on a bill making it harder for abusive parents to regain custody of their children, a Washington Timesreview of Illinois legislative records shows.

You might think that Obama’s voting record in Illinois would be of intense interest to the media, given how few achievements Obama has and how little is known about him. But you would be wrong. There has been far more attention on his biography than on his stands on the issue or his underlying political philosophy. For example, Obama is able to take the most radical stand on abortion imaginable, and yet there is far more coverage given to the number of houses owned by Cindy McCain.

Barack Obama, based on his voting record, has established himself as the most liberal nominee since George McGovern. On issue after issue, Obama has positioned himself outside–and in some instances far outside–the American political mainstream. We can only hope that during the next 68 days there will be far more attention devoted to the substance of Obama’s record rather than his rhetoric and the mood he evokes.

Senator Obama, building on his post-primary victory, will try mightily to pretend that his political views are significantly different than his political record. His campaign depends on obscuring the reality of that record. Any person whose campaign is predicated on creating such large distortions and deceptions ought not to be elected President.


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  • Rob

    Obama will govern this country worse than the Carter administration did. I pray that the Dems in this country will be enlightened by the facts of Obama’s past and vote for the man that has always put his country before his personal needs. The American people can’t afford to have Obama as their leader. We need a true American like John McCain as our President. To all the Democrats that read this post, please do some research on the two candidates before you vote. Don’t just vote for Obama because he’s black and don’t believe the “Change” slogan without doing some research first. Once you do a little research you’ll discover that the Change he’s promising will change our country for the worse. Please do me and your fellow countrymen and women a favor and find out the truth about Obama before you vote. Thank you for your time.

  • cheryl

    If JFK was alive today he would be ashamed of his party. I would of voted for JFK and I consider myself a conservative. JFK was a war hero, loved his country and respected the men and women who serve in the military –
    JFK wld of made sure the entire world new America wld not tolerate any further attacks on its soil.
    JFK wld of went against any party, person, org, etc who tried to destroy our wonderful nation.
    JFK would not of tolerated anyone who continued to separate our nation by using race, or religion – no more retoric — Black America, White America, Hispanic America, etc., you r an American or ur not. You work hard you win, you want to suck off the govnmt or anyone else, you loose.
    Big Corp’s – treat ur employees right, employees do ur jobs, and ur pensions will be in tac, ur medical coverage will be as agreed – Big corp executives u deserve to make ur fair share of money, however, u take ur employees pensions, or medical coverage to line ur already swollen pockets u go to jail, ur funds will be seized and u will go to jail. Greed to ruin others lives that have given will not be tolerated.
    Big gov – k JFK position was never actually seen, so I can’t comment, but I wld hope he wld keep Fed gvmnt small –
    JFK wld of seen that all who wanted an education wld get it, no free rides, but a chance to go for it.

    Oil, JFK wld of taken what was done in the 70’s and made sure America wld be using sugar cane fuel to supplement fuel supplies. ( both dem’s and Rep’s r to blame for this )
    Dem’s, Stalinism is alive in Russia, Russia wld love u all to move to the mother country and embrace ur love of stalin – Don’t let the door hit u in the xxxx.

    SO STOP USING JFK posters and saying dem’s and obama r JFK look alikes., that is just simply a LIE., ur no more JFK believers then Mussie’s r peaceful.

    Additional Note:
    I don’t think we have much in Washington as far as leaders – but I do know voting for Obama wld be huge mistake. I really don’t believe he likes America and I really believe he will put more pressure on the middle class.. he is rich, allot of his supporters r rich, he will ensure they r not taxed., they will keep their millions. Live the good life off the sweat of the middle class Americans.

    Lastly, having persons like Madonna & Paris H as a Dem ICON is demonic, one is a women who published a book w/pictures of her in various sexual positions w/animals, the other having sexual acts viedo – placed on the internet — is not a political party who cares much about America children – or a party who cares much about anything important – just a political group who is there for the takin – no matter who suffers in the end.

    Hopefully 2012 will be the yr when a real leader will appear. Americans will have an opportunity to see through the smoke & mirrors – and chose a true leader of people and nation.

  • Ura

    If I hear about the “south side of Chicago” one more time, I swear……