The first woman president of the United States 7

 … may be in our sights. Gender should not matter in public service, any more than race, but to many it does. 

Sarah Palin, running mate of John McCain, came across in her speech today as strong and competent. 

Her record is one of integrity, probity, energy, common sense, and real accomplishment. 

The only fault I could find with her speech was that she said – or seemed to say – ‘nucular’  (like Homer Simpson) instead of ‘nuclear’. I hope I’m wrong about this, but in any case it’s not a significant flaw.


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  • Jillian Becker

    Thank you for your contribution, QF. Original and fun to read. We wholly agree with you about critical examination, the Socratic method, debate – that’s the best way to teach.

  • Go Ahead, Teach the Controversy! (by QF)

    As somebody who likes to see half-thought out arguments being torn to shreds, I’ve got to say, give teachers the right to tear creationism and intelligent design to shreds. It is a belief that is lingering around in society that is just asking to put it’s ugly superstitious face into the scientific arena. I’m game for that. As Richard Dawkins has clearly shown, science is not only about studying nature and determining what reality is, but it also is about destroying dogmatic stupid beliefs that harm society as well. Atheism is science’s contribution to religion, whether the religious like it or not! There really should be no more protection of these ignorant beliefs, just as Dawkins says, so bring it on and let them teach the “controversy” and let them teach kids what science truly is and what it truly is not.

    (1) Not science …. if you walk over the edge of a cliff and have enough faith and don’t look down, then you won’t fall to the ground just like on Looney Tunes.

    Science …. if you walk over the edge of a cliff, gravity will take over no matter how strong your faith is in Looney Tunes or in Deities.

    (2) Not science …. if your internal combustion car engine runs out of gas, the engine will continue running if you have faith.

    Science …. your internal combustion car engine needs gasoline or diesel in order to run, so running out of gas or diesel will make it not start up, unless it is some sort of hybrid or alternative energy vehicle.

    (3) Not science …. faith or spirits are forms of alternative energy that your car can run on.

    Science …. faith and spirits are concepts, not material things. The former concept has to do with trusting in something without sufficient proof and the latter has to do with superstitious beliefs in the supernatural.

    (4) Not science …. the supernatural really exists.

    Science …. There are no scientific proofs for the existance of the supernatural and there never has been any “Maxwell’s Demons” observed to support that premise. Thereby, the probability of the supernatural existing is actually very very low and most likely it is zero.

    (5) Not science …. the supernatural is real because it has been experienced.

    Science …. people are subject to all sorts of illusions, a person on drugs can hallucinate many things that don’t make sense. That all happens within the inner workings of the mind because the mind is fallable and is subject to being fooled or tricked with or without the utilization of drugs. The mind has these illusory experiences whenever it is dreaming as a result of nueronal firing patterns at the synapses in the brain. Illusory experiences can also be triggered by paranoia or excitement as a result of the psyche and emotions.

    (6) Not science …. guilt or superstition in general due to peer pressure from religious groups or from any brainwashing thereof.*

    Science …. If excessive negative psychological issues are being experienced in your own rational judgement, then seek a professional doctor or psychologist who can help you. If you have superstitious feelings or beliefs in general, then that is part of the reason why you go to school, to get educated and eradicate superstition.

    *Note: This matter of psychological issues a general subject that is not appropriate to be handled in schools during valuable class time, but is to be handled by individuals on their own accord. Teachers do not get paid to be psychologists, they get paid to teach life skills in the subjects that matter. It seems like poor authority figures and the resulting psychological issues are the main two reasons why people resort to superstition these days. It is important to realize that teachers at all levels of education, in preschool up through post grad, are authority figures and it is important to see to it that they can and should freely address superstition and put an end to lies or unvalidated claims whenever possible.

    …. etc, it would make for very powerful lesson plans if teachers were told to teach the controversy, but they must first be non-superstitious themselves. I’m not sure why any science teacher would want to espouse or side with creationism and intelligent design unless of course they themselves are unscientific, which will hopefully, by the socratic method, give students a chance for tearing their own teachers beliefs to shreds.

  • Jillian Becker

    Indigo Red, Quantum Flux, Political Activism – we welcome all your comments.
    I agree about February, Indigo Red.
    I too despise Creationism (Quantum Flux and Political Activism).
    I think Palin is smart, however. I’m eager to hear what she’ll say this week at the RNC. I think there’s a fair chance she’ll persuade McCain that drilling in ANWR would be a very good thing to do.

  • Matthew Slijyper

    Agreed, Activism.

  • Political Activism

    Please tell the McCain/Palin Campaign (preferrably politely) why teaching creationism in our public schools around America is superstitious and is not in our nation’s best interests. These are the feelers McCain has out there, the way in which Americans can have a voice and be heard by his campaign:

    Contact his campaign directly here:

    Or go to his blogs and leave a polite message about the subject matter wherever appropriate:

    Remember, McCain does a lot of things right and is a great heroic war veteran who genuinely puts his country first, but Creationism is one key area where he is completely wrong and could potentially create a major setback for American students and businesses. We can’t let America fall behind foriegn countries in the departments of Science and Technology because of his superstitious beliefs.

  • She’s for teaching creationism in public schools. That’s some detrimental funding that I don’t feel like people should have to pay for with their tax money though. Anyhow, check this out:

    Abiotic Oil and the Origins of Life On Earth

    Since she is pro-drilling for oil, it won’t be too long before the USA finally discovers that the origins of life is actually from abiotic oil. Oh, sure, “God-done-it” will be her explanation for everything, but oil is good for the economy. We’ve always been purchasing oil from other countries, and it’s about damn time we start producing our own oil on a large scale. Oil and nuclear, the two technologies that are so far proven, and then we can have business capitalism take care of the energy switch with a strengthened economy.

  • I don’t know that it’s so minor. Nucular got Bush much ridicule. I’m not so hung up on nuclear – the dipthongs are difficult.

    Personally, I mourn the loss of Feb-RU- ary. It’s now pronounced almost unanamously Febwary especially by the Liberals at NPR who ridiculed Bush for nucular.