Palin better qualified than Obama 38

In a side by side comparison, Palin would be more qualified to be president than Obama.

This amusing but factual comparison in Redstate sets it out clearly:  Palin on the left (for once), Obama on the right. Read the whole thing at posted on 30 August 2008 by Jeff Emanuel.

Religion/Church attendance

Evangelical Christian

attends Juneau Christian Center when in Juneau and grew up attending Wasilla Assembly of God

Attended Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years, a "black liberation theology" church formerly led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and governed according to the Black Value System
Current Job Governor of Alaska Junior Senator from Illinois
Previous Public Jobs

Mayor of Wasilla, AK (1996-2002); President of Alaska Conference of Mayors;

City Council member (1992-1996)

State Senator (1997-2004);

Community Organizer

Executive Experience

Governor for 2 years;

Mayor for 10 years

Foreign Relations experience Governor of state that borders two foreign countries (Canada and Russia)

Chaired Senate subcommittee on Europe but never called it into session;

once gave a speech to 200,000 screaming Germans

Military Affairs experience

Commander in Chief of Alaska National Guard;

Son is enlisted Infantryman in U.S. Army

Private Sector Experience

Sports reporter;

Salmon fisherman

Associate at civil rights law firm
Speaking ability Beautifully executed initial stump speech in Dayton, OH hockey arena without a teleprompter An enter…wait–did you say without a teleprompter??

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  • manny mcfee

    to all americans that are reading all these comments. i think that palin is really better then obama. if you have noticed, each time each 1 of them makes a speech, usually Palins is way better. many people say that they’re going to vote for obama. they are just lying because they do not want to be in danger. if i had to vote, i would vote McCain n palin. they both know how to help the usa!! obama on the other hand knows how to work with celebreities. without the celebs obama wouldnt be winning his side of the campaign. the true winner is McCain and palin. they actually work there way up. they dont wait for celebs to help them. they do it all on there own. so think about it. if obama is our next president it will be a great big disaster. vote McCain n palin for pres n vice pres, cause they worked 4 it.

  • allen harper

    Please dont support Daily News and all THIs people from the media that are covering to much from Obama. They dont value our support and they attack our candidates McCain/Palin whenever they could. I don’t think we need this people opinions and I don’t think they need our money for their newspapers.SO you guys are so lierals, so the’ll put money in your pockets.

  • anna lopez

    Hey americans, in 2 weeks we are going to have to decide who is going to be the new president for our country. The media and celebrities are thinking that OBAMA IS THE PERFECT CHOICE. Well, I dont think so. Obamais that type of guy that can not even tell u the truth about what he has in mind for America. Before you and I go and give our vote, check the facts,because we can not decide what could be a big mistake that is going to affect us all. Obama doesnt have the qualifications to be a president. He has done nothing for Chicago and we don’t now much about this guy to give him the chance to rule a powerful country like U.S. Think 4 times before you give a vote to a racist,terrorist,stranger for us like this guy.Protect our country and say no to Obama and say yes to a leader that we all know who is McCain.

  • carlos

    hahaha the person above me is right!!

    Vote McCain/ Palin 4 pres n VP!!

  • jenny 20

    Hey, the material, old, wrinkled trash lady, Maddona better known as pathetic Cicone, has been treatin our VP Palin in a very disrespectful way. Maddona you dont have the respect and morals to point at Palin in your pathetic concerts that i dont pay $0.10 to go to. The people went to your concert to see your new face lift. They also wanted to see the body that you took from a 100 year old mummy. Grow up, act your age, and live your life without face lifts, tummy tucks, and boop jobs. I hope people will be able to see your true side and the way you decive your conservative fans. People should stop buying your products to prove to you that rest of celebreties that conservative fans money also count. I wouldn’t pay 1 penny to see you and listen to your music.

  • lokka

    Americans have been judging Palin because she doesn’t have the experience. But wait a minute there picking a guy that left his job incomplete in Chicago. That guys name is Obama! He is a racist, terrorist, unexperienced leader that couldn’t rule a state, what in the world makes America think that he would be able to run our country. Please reconsider and check the facts. The media and the pathetic celebreties cover for his dirty dishes and we want the truth about Obama. Its my right and its yours also. The media and celebreties wont put their millions on our tables. We dont owe them, they owe us. So tell them to shut up and mind their own bussiness. Let us americans to pick our own leader.. which is McCain.

  • lil weezy

    I think what this section is about, is true. Palin is better than Obama. she has more experience, knowledge, she cares about America. Obama said in an interview,

  • lil wezzy

    I think what this section is about, is true. Palin is better than Obama. she has more experience, knowledge, she cares about America. Obama said in an, ” If you need me call me later”. With McCain and Palin you wont have to call them later. They will already be there for you.

    Vote McCain/Palin for president!!

  • Last Hussar

    sorry – RAPES per 100,000

  • Last Hussar

    Experience- She goes to church. So what? She also believes the earth is 6000 years old, and evolution is wrong. Not the person you want in charge of a country that is such a big player in World Science.

    Governor of Alaska/Mayor of Wasilla.
    -Abused power in sacking Law Official.
    -Asked Librairian about banning books
    -Sacked Librarian because had different politics
    -While Mayor, town enacted law making women pay for rape examination kits
    -Personal pick for chief of police complained that forcing the town to pay for rape kits would cost up to $15k PA (approx $2 per person)
    -Governor of state with highest number of rates per 100,000 people.
    -Taxed oil companies higher, paying the revenue raised to citizens of Alaska- Wealth distribution (?Socialist). In addition this causes highe gas prices for everyone in the US, who are basically paying Alaskans.

    France borders 7 Countries, and many people there have sons in Afganistan. Are the French better qualified than Palin in foriegn affairs?

    Unable to name one newspaper or periodical she reads.

  • Anti-Democrat

    Democrats always like to insult their opponents without any facts to back them up., you are a classic example.


    If only she wasn’t obviously retarded …

  • Matthew Slijyper

    @getreal – Please, grow up. Why don’t you go hide in your corner of an Obama campaign office?

  • getreal

    This gave me such a good laugh. If you were not so incredibly fucking stupid, it might be even funnier.

    But it just goes to show that morons can be found everywhere.

    Thanks for the humor!!!


    Palin’s whiny yelling voice drives me crazy, and McCain is so shaky on the trail physically and when he speaks that he seems close to becoming decrepit or senile. Obama is educated, calming, charming and healthy. And he truly wants the country to come together and for Congress to work together for the betterment of the Average American Worker, as well as respect, innovation and safety for our nation..


    If you want to know what Obama has done and what his stand on all the issues are, just go to and read for yourself! Or do you have to have someone on TV tell you what to believe?


    Obama has a Harvard degree in Constitutional Law and Political Science with a specialty in International Relations! He is so much better qualified to be President based on those things alone. McCain barely graduated from the Naval Academy and Palin took 6 years to get a Journalism degree. A good President has to be smarter than most of us!

  • FSM Pirate

    Libertarian: how has strength ‘secured’ peace? Have you noticed that, even after the ‘War to end all wars’ (WWII), we continued to get involved in military altercations every decade since?

    I don’t think your definition of strength is congruent with mine; preemptive military strikes are not a show of strength, but rather a show of trigger-happy anxiety. Having the ability to come to amicable solutions with a percieved ‘enemy,’ without firing a gun or flexing a muscle, is real strength.

  • Fellow Athiest Conservative

    Rob– HOW HAS OBAMA SHOWN HIS “INTELLIGENCE”? Please give me an example. Saying that if everyone inflates their tires then we would not need to drill is certainly not an example. Speaking of change without once stating what that change is is not an example. So where are the brains? Please show me.

  • MiddleAmerican

    To ‘Middle East Matters’. As a hockey mom with only one degree I want to ask you if you are aware that you come across as an arrogant sexist stupid snob?

  • Patriot

    Look at who wants Obama to win the election – terrorists, tyrants, and America-haters the world over. Doesn’t that tell you something?

  • Rob

    it’s so ridiculous that you are not comparing education. obama is clearly an intelligent man. just listen to his interviews. even his interview with o’reilly was insightful. why isn’t palin giving interviews?

    you can’t have somebody running for office that is so anti-science and pro-religion.

    also, palin has a degree in journalism. i think she had a minor in political science. obama has a law degree from harvard! top of his class.

    they aren’t even close to being on the same level. i would love for obama and palin to have a debate with each other about real issues, but that would never happen.

    obama would talk circles around her.

  • Libertarian

    Most of what you say is not worth commenting on, it’s so silly. But on your last sentence I’ll say this: MacCain and Palin will stand up for America against its enemies, Obama would appease them. Appeasement never keeps the peace. Strength alone can secure it.

  • MiddleEastMatters

    To add to the comparisons, she wears spectacles to be seen as more intelligent, he doesn’t. In my view, he has no idea about politics, no matter how she speaks or how many countries surround it. Another Dick Cheney incarnated in a woman body. Terrible outlook of a high school teacher. But America loves this arrogance. I can’t stand her macho voice, and show-off style. She is shabby. Palin stands for war, Obama stands for peace.

  • Libertarian

    More Informed and Haydon:

    The point is, beyond all the quibble,
    Palin stands for liberty,
    Obama stands for socialism.

  • Jillian Becker

    Sheldon – ‘conservative’ does not mean ‘religious’.

    If it puzzles you that we can be both conservative and atheist, please read our Articles of Reason

  • Haydon

    Every seems to be missing the point. Of course, experience counts, but it’s not the be all and end all. My old lecturer had a PhD and 40 years as a geologist. He was particularly dull and often stupid. On the other hand, I know another experienced professor who is exceptionally smart. Therefore experience does not always equal qualified.

    Palin is clearly a bright women in many ways. But she’s clearly no great thinker. She believes things about the world which are manifestly wrong but believes them anyway because they are written in the Bible. Personally I value evidence and think that someone vying to the VP should also.

    Obama MAY have less experience but he is clearly a thinker and considers things far more deeply. He has been forced of late to speak in sound bites, but early in the campaign he gave some of the most thought provoking speeches I have heard any politician give. I value these types of personal attributes much more highly than any professional qualification or experience. Shame I can’t vote for him (British)!

  • More Informed

    Left Out Information:

    Obama Jobs: constitutional law professor

    Obama military relations experience: He is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, which plays a vital role in shaping American policy around the world, including our policy in Iraq. And Senator Obama serves on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, which is focused on providing our brave veterans with the care and services they deserve. [From Obama Senate Website…so really no excuse for leaving it out.]

    You also left out all of the controversial stuff about Palin’s church. She believes God is directing the war in Iraq–not to mention her natural gas pipeline. She believes the planet is 6,000 years old.

    You also left out a very important category of information: EDUCATION. Palin went to six schools in four years and ended up with a crappy degree from some no-name school. Obama went to Colombia and Harvard Law. He was the Editor in Chief of the Harvard Law Review. He taught constitutional law. I doubt very much if Palin knows how many amendments there are to our constitution.

  • kerry

    This list is pretty amusing. First of all, how is 1996 – 2002 TEN years as mayor? I would not consider 10 years as the mayor of a small town experience that would qualify one to be the POTUS. Also, how does her son being in the military make her qualified? What has she done as the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaskan National Guard? Has she led them into battle? Has she trained on military strategy? Her private sector experience consists of a sports reporter and salmon fisherman and that makes her qualified? And way to downplay Obama’s private sector experience. He was more than an associate at a civil rights law firm. He did work at NYPIRGand at the Business International Corporation, he did teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago, and was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. Why don’t you compare education between the two? It is no comparison as Governor Palin went to at least 5 different colleges and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho. That is not very impressive.

  • Sappho

    lionessandvixen: Men often say that women cannot think as well as men do.
    You (presumably a woman) seem to bear out what they say. Fortunately, some women can think very well – better than most men. Sarah Palin is a splendid example of a woman who can think. Try to emulate her.

  • Historian

    Sheldon – WHAT? What are you talking about? Could you try to be a little clearer? Use sentences, for instance.


    None of this matters. Even if Palin has more “executive experience” than Obama, she still has absolutely no clue…

    …HOW to lead.
    …WHAT a leader does.
    …WHAT a leader SHOULD do.
    …HOW a leader should behave.
    …HOW science works.
    …HOW old the earth is.
    …HOW to raise her kids.

    Come on…I’d like to think I have a strong libertarian point of view, but you conservatives can’t have it both ways. Either you stick to your convictions, or you admit that you really don’t like the idea of Sarah Palin being anywhere NEAR the White House.

  • Sheldon

    Atheist Conservative:

    Jewish Nazi
    Logcabin Republican
    Diabetic Sugar Farmer
    African American KKK Member
    Abolitionist Bartender
    ProLife Abortion Doctor

    …if we’re doing comparisons.

  • Unf

    “Lincoln: Republican with good ideas. Obama: Democrat with terrible ideas.”

    The two major parties in our country had roughly opposite roles up until the 1950s or 1960s. Strom Thurmond ran as a Democrat, if you recall.

  • DAVE

    Don’t forget that Alaska is close to Russia! I don’t care that she just got her passport last year and publicly admitted that she hasn’t followed this Iraq thing, or that she doesn’t know what a VP does.

    ALASKA IS NEAR RUSSIA. (oh, and don’t forget Canada. those commies got socialized medicine)

  • Matthew Slijyper

    Lincoln: Republican with good ideas.
    Obama: Democrat with terrible ideas.

    If we’re doing comparisons…

  • tj lawson

    Lincoln: Good speeches
    Obama: Good speeches

    Lincoln: One term in House
    Obama: One term in Senate

    Lincoln: lawyer in Illinois
    Obama: lawyer in Illinois

    Lincoln: publicly opposed Mexican-American War
    Obama: publicly opposed Iraq War

    If we’re doing comparisons…


    Are we supposed to be surprised? He is running for Pres, she is only running for VP yet is light years ahead in qualifications and experience. But, of course, she is a woman, we all have to be a hundred times better than any man for the same job (usually at less pay), have a great day. r