Not his brother’s keeper 4

 From Russia Today:

Obama’s brother lives in a Kenyan shack

U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama’s lost brother has been tracked down in Kenya. George Hussein Onyango Obama, aged 26, was found by journalists from the Italian edition of Vanity Fair. He reportedly lives in poverty in a shack on the outskirts of Nairobi.

He has the same father as the U.S. senator, Barack Hussein Obama, but a different mother.  Her name has been given as Jael.

The youngest of Obama’s half-brothers says he lives on less than a dollar per month in a 2m x 3m shack. Its walls are decorated with posters of famous footballers and a calendar featuring exotic beaches. The magazine also noted George has a newspaper picture of his brother.

He has only met his famous brother twice. Once when he was five and then in 2006 when Senator Obama visited Nairobi. George admits their meeting was very brief and cool.

It seems to us that if Barack Obama wants to redistribute wealth, he could start by redistributing his own. He could give some to his own brother, for instance. 


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  • Jillian Becker

    My comments above are also in reply to Janus, with whom we also agree broadly on this question.

  • Jillian Becker

    Quantum Flux – We agree with all you say about this.
    We think that those who achieve riches best benefit those who don’t by employing them, buying their products and services, and generally being active in the capitalist system and participating in the free market – not by giving handouts.
    There is also an implication, in what we said, of the hypocrisy of the Left. They – as Obama exemplifies – talk constantly about the poor and how they should be subsidized by the rest of us. Whatever would the Left do without the poor? No excuse without them for heavy government control! But that time is unlikely to come. The Left sees to that with its welfare policy, which keeps people dependent.

  • Quantum_Flux

    Well, I’m not so sure that any of my successful brothers would help me out if I asked. I have it sort of ingrained in my mind that mooching is evil, but to earn money is good. However, it is a whole new ball game when you are talking about living in a hut and having a brother who could potentially be in the white house.

  • My half brother is a mooch. I would say, “I hope the media doesn’t find him if I ever decide to run for office,” but something tells me he’d be sleeping on my couch and drinking all my beer within a week of getting on the ballot.

    After what happened to Palin, can we please agree that family is off limits?

    Obama is so wrong on so many different things that I don’t think it is either necessary or wise to go there. Making personal attacks on people not even running for office undermines our own position and makes us look petty.

    Leave that crap to the Russians.