A cartoonist’s view of the sub-prime folly 2

 Thanks to our commentator Dan W. for directing us to this series of cartoons

It tells the sorry tale of ‘why the collapse?’ for bitter laughs, and we think accurately enough (though it doesn’t deal with how the ideology of the left made it all possible).



Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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  • Jillian Becker

    I know some Republicans are to blame too.
    I agree about the ‘magical fairy dust’ (well described as such).
    As for idiots in charge, that is a perpetual condition of government.
    But I still blame, as fundamental to the sub-prime folly, the ideology of the left. On that we’ll agree to disagree.

    We are lucky to have you as a reader and commentator.

  • Dan W.

    Glad to be of service. Thanks, Jillian. But you know from my previous comments on your thread about the CRA that I can’t agree with the “how the ideology of the left made it all possible” line of argument. In the end, what made this whole “thing” possible is having an economy over the past several years that runs on magical fairy dust ([bad] speculation about [bad] credit). And, of course, the idiots in charge of our country who think “deregulation” means “let’s do whatever the CEOs tell us to do.” If you don’t think the Republicans as well as the Democrats had a hand in that, you’re seriously deluding yourself (with all due respect, my conservative atheist friend).