Obama begins to set children against their parents, totalitarian style. 6

In Communist China, children were urged to work on their parents and grandparents to make them conform to Mao’s will in the The Cultural Revolution. Likewise children in Russia and its satellites during the Soviet nightmare were directed to instruct their elders, and to betray them if they did not conform. The same was done to turn children into instruments of the state and against their families in Nazi Germany. Now it begins in the United States of America!  This from Little Green Footballs:

The Obama campaign’s attempted use of children to influence their parents is absolutely open and blatant. Why doesn’t this outrage people? This is political cynicism of an amazing degree.

Barack Obama | Change We Need | The Talk.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do share your personal reasons for voting for Barack Obama;

Do have confidence — your opinion matters to people who care about you;

Do read up on Barack’s positions on the issues you know matter to them;

Do find a good time when both you and they will be open to a conversation;

Do talk to them in person if you live nearby, or on the phone if you don’t;

Do ask your friends to talk to their parents and grandparents as well;

Don’t worry about knowing everything about policy positions before you have this conversation;

Don’t feel defensive. Stay calm, cool and collected;

Don’t wait until the last minute — it might take a few conversations for you to convince them, so start as early as possible;

Don’t catch them at a bad time — make sure you have their attention and enough time to have a conversation.

Unbelievable. And it gets worse.

Ideas to Get the Conversation Started

Approaching your parents about who they are voting for can be intimidating if you’ve never talked about politics with them before. But this campaign has been built by supporters sharing their stories about what inspires them and why they want to see change in this country. Here are some ideas for ways you can talk to your parents about why you support Barack:

Call or ask in person if they saw the debate and what they thought about it.Tell them why you are voting for Obama and why it’s important to you.

Print out for them information on some issues you know are important.

Share Barack’s speech from the Democratic National Convention or Meet Barack, a video about who Barack Obama is, where he comes from, and what his values are.

Email them and tell them why it’s important to you that they vote for Obama.

Think about their perspective. If they are Republican, or are concerned about Barack’s policies, think about where they are coming from and what makes them think the way that they do.


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  • George

    All the last 5 comments made below within the last 24 hours on   04-04-2012  are totally correct.   They indoctrinate the children while very young  and as such , their mindset has become formed and fashioned at an early age and their indoctrinated mentality becomes the basis of their collective psyche. As the youth grow increasingly older their mind has been totally immersed in the dogma that they have been indoctrinated in. Their way of thinking is totally enshrouded with the mental programming of the indoctrinated dogma , whether religious, political or philosophical.  It’s brainwashing en masse and each generation thereafter becomes  a by-product of the former generation’s manipulative proselytizing .   Since the youth have fear of the elders , the youth will not challenge or question anything and will automatically accept without question that which he/she has been taught .    It’s social engineering to the ultimate degree.

  • Liz

    This is so disgusting, I want to gag.  As pointed out, it was the tactic of the Communists and the Nazis.  It also resembles the tactics of religious groups like “Campus Crusade” etc., prepping their members for “soul winning” crusades.  Like all of them, it targets young (ignorant) people.  To convert their parents?!!!  No shame.

  • Retred55

    Obama will stop at nothing  he is capable of anything.

  • Pat

    Scary article.  Thank you for printing and will share this information as I had no idea they were being so blatant!  Thank you again.

  • surfingranny35

    This is all the more reason you must support John Dummett and his lawsuits against the DNC to keep Obama off the ballot. If he is on the ballot, he will steal another election with tactics like this, dead voters, ACORN, Panthers, no voter ID, voting illegals, and rigged voting machines. If you want to save this country, HELP JOHN DUMMETT. He has lawsuits in default in 3 states, one going into default, one just filed, and one nearing a judgement in Arizona that will keep Obama off the ballot there. (Filed in Oct 2011, and 3 others were filed in Oct which should be getting close to judgements as well) Read the lawsuit in AZ http://libertylegalfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/CCA-AZ-MPI-filed.pdf  Donate $10 to help file more http://www.johndummett.us/donate.html or register to be part of the Certification Class Action Lawsuits we call Dummett’s Dictum http://www.libertylegalfoundation.org/register

  • Thorsonodinson

    This is just what one would expect from a community organizer if one is any student of history and knows the methods of the Third Reich, the Communist Party in Russia, The Fabian Society in England and America. Evil politicians always use the children. That’s why there is no hope for humanity or America.