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 From Awdal News Network, Somalia:

The first reports were that Aisha Ibrahim Kuhulow was 23 year old, but her father now confirms for Amnesty International that she was only 13.

The girl’s young age, combined with the fact that she herself contacted the Shabab-militia who controls the town, in order to report the rape, failed to protect her from being sentenced to death by the Islamists for breach of Islamic law in having sex outside of marriage.

This child suffered a terrible death as demanded by the armed opposition forces that control Kismayo, says David Copeman who is responsible for Amnesty’s Somalia-department, to the news office, AP.

Hole in the ground

Thousands of people witnessed the grotesque execution of Aisha at a football stadium in the port town of Kismayo on Monday.

The 13-year old was led in and forced into a hole in the ground. The hole was then filled so that only her head was showing. About 50 men then started to throw stones at her, according to Amensty’s information.

After a while, nurses were called to check whether Aisha was still alive. The thin body was then brought out of the hold and examined. When it was established that she was still alive, she was again placed in the hole so that the stone-throwers could continue.


When some of the spectators tried to storm the stadium to save Aisha, the militia opened fire on the crowd, and a young boy was killed.

A spokesman for the Shabab-militia expressed regret for the boy’s death and assured that the soldiers who had opened fire would be punished.

However, it would seem that the men whom13-year old Aisha tried to report for rape have little to fear. None of them have been arrested.


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  • Meecaad

    Hello to all the good people!

    Coming from Africa and being a former Muslim, I’d like to shed some light on to the situation in my home country of Somalia where Islam is prevelant, and, many of you can guess the results.

    Islam is killing my people, first with ignorance (Isman DEMANDS ignorance for/from its followers) and, secondly, with demonic cultic hatred for non Muslims. Islam’s horrors can only be fully understood by those (like me) who were brought in with Islamic norms. I will not go into further detail about what Islam is or all about because most of the world now knows it. Lest ye be in a bubble!

    Since leaving Islam, I felt as though a load has been lifted off of my shoulders – literally!
    I know that may sound peculier to some of you, but that is exactly how I felt after leaving Islam and here’s why; I was no longer burdened with hatred. I no longer had fear (a fundamental principle of Islam is fear, fear Allah, etc.) I was no longer feeling guity, in Islam, you have to search and/or reach for purity so you’re essentially living a life to get to another one – heaven. Hence, this life is basically useless (suicide? anyone?!). The latter is why extremists are so violent, they seek purity for their sins, living is sinning in Islam. I now can think for myself and I am no longer a drone among the world’s population. It has been said that Islam is poor man’s religion, true, because it gives a false sense of hope instead of attempting to improve one’s life. It condones perpetual poverty because seeking riches corrupts the soul, they say. I have began to concentrate on improving my life and the livelihood of my family without paying dues to Islam, this might make some of you chuckle, but I actually saved money!

    Having said the aforementioned, I now nearly weep every time I see how my own kind are so brainwashed. I understand the pain they suffer needlessly. I am aware of the burden they carry and it’s the most depressing thing to me, because since leaving Islam, I value human life and I want the happiness that I have gained to permeate the world of Islam. Muslims are not bad people, they have been made that way through manipulation, fear, violence, and so forth.

    Don’t threaten Islam, instead, educate the Muslims, because Islam fears the educated like a plague. It’s why Mohamed (piss be upon him) killed the educated and banned women from schools. He was fond of women’s sexual appeal and keeping them in chronic poverty and misery will result in him having total control of them. Clearly, the man was a pervert, not just a warmonger.

    With the advent of technology and massive world wide communications taking root, Islam is under threat. It can no longer fully cover itself, literally. The youth are encouragingly turning away from hate, at the same time, extremists are feeling the heat for the first time and they are fighting hard to sustain their total dominance over others’ lifes. Lebonan, Iran are prime examples of this but it’s much more wide spread than meets the eye. All this is good news for all good people the world over. Evil is eroding, however slowly.

    I thank you all,