Point of no return? 2

 Mark Steyn thinks there may be no recovery for America from the choice of  Big Government Welfare Statism that a majority of the electorate has made:

I disagree with my fellow conservatives who think the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-Frank liberal behemoth will so obviously screw up that they’ll be routed in two or four years’ time. The president-elect’s so-called "tax cut" will absolve 48 percent of Americans from paying any federal income tax at all, while those who are left will pay more. Just under half the population will be, as Daniel Henninger pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, on the dole.

By 2012, it will be more than half on the dole, and this will be an electorate where the majority of the electorate will be able to vote itself more lollipops from the minority of their compatriots still dumb enough to prioritize self-reliance, dynamism and innovation over the sedating cocoon of the Nanny State. That is the death of the American idea – which, after all, began as an economic argument: "No taxation without representation" is a great rallying cry. "No representation without taxation" has less mass appeal. For how do you tell an electorate living high off the entitlement hog that it’s unsustainable, and you’ve got to give some of it back?

At that point, America might as well apply for honorary membership in the European Union. It will be a nation at odds with the spirit of its founding, and embarking on decline from which there are few escape routes. In 2012, the least we deserve is a choice between the collectivist assumptions of the Democrats, and a candidate who stands for individual liberty – for economic dynamism not the sclerotic "managed capitalism" of Germany; for the First Amendment, not Canadian-style government regulation of approved opinion; for self-reliance and the Second Amendment, not the security state in which Britons are second only to North Koreans in the number of times they’re photographed by government cameras in the course of going about their daily business.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Saturday, November 8, 2008

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  • Jillian Becker

    We take your point, roger in Florida, and share your feeling.
    Germany’s managed economy is certainly better than all-out redistribution, but it will not be able to pay the welfare bills much longer, with an aging population and a shrinking birth-rate.
    Only the free market really works. All government interference does harm.

  • roger in Florida

    I believe it gets worse. It can only be a short time now before the 20 million (?) or so illegal immigrants already here are granted permanent status. Thereafter there will be encouragement for another immigrant wave. These will be largely unskilled, uneducated low level workers used to doing as they are told. They will be a large and growing constituency of democratic voters. Whites, who form the majority of the Republican party, will be a permanent minority. We may come to yearn for the “Managed Capitalism” of Germany. What we are most likely to get is the corruption, cronyism and poverty of Mexico and everywhere else in Central America. Sorry to be so pessimistic but I honestly cannot beleive what the American people have done.