A blinding, burning passion for Allah 3

From Power Line: 

In Afghanistan … yesterday, classes had to be canceled at a girls’ school after Taliban members on motorcycles accosted a group of students and teachers walking to school in Kandahar, and threw acid on their faces:

"They don’t want us go to school. They don’t like education," said Susan Ibrahimi, who started teaching at Mirwais Mena four months ago. She and her mother, also a teacher at the school, were wearing burqas on their walk to work when the motorbike stopped next to them.

"They didn’t say anything. They just stopped the motorbike and one of the guys threw acid on us and they went away," Ibrahimi said in a telephone interview. …

Fifteen people were hit with acid in all, including four teachers, Qaderi said.

This young girl was burned especially severely and has not yet been able to open her eyes:



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  • roger in florida

    I understand you meant the phrase “a blinding, burning passion” ironically.
    Perhaps my anger at this injustice tempered my response too much.
    What a beautiful picture! Can this be the future? Many believe that female emancipation will be the death of islam, but these women will need to be defended!
    I hate to say this but Iranian jails are full of women engineers, doctors, acountants, scientists. These women have been imprisoned since the revolution (1979), many with their children in jail with them, they will die in jail if this regime is not overthrown. They studied and qualified during the period of the Shaa, and were a major part of the Iranian modern class. I know you understand this but Iranians are not Arabs. These are not stupid people, however they have been hijacked by an evil regime, on it’s last legs yes, but all the more dangerous for that.

    I remember an Iranian family who lived on our street in London, they may have been islamic, I don’t know, it never came up, certainly the lady I knew would never have worn a burqua. I particularly remember her at the tennis club, she was a very attractive lady, very Persian. I spoke to her about the fall of the Shaa, she knew he had to go but could not believe that Khomeini was the choice. I spoke to her one morning while we were waiting for the train into London, depressed wasn’t the word, she was almost literally sick. The sheer evil of the religion of islam is difficult to overstate, but for our multicultural/diversity/self hating intelligentsia, hey it’s just another point of view.
    God help us! if that isn’t disallowed on this site!

  • Jillian Becker

    As I’m sure you appreciate, roger in florida, my titles and comments on Islam are often intended to be ironic, as with the earlier title to a story of atrocity, ‘In the name of Allah the merciful’.

    Did you see the picture in the ‘continue reading’ section of the ‘Victory in Iraq’ entry? It shows girls freely and happily setting off for school. If only all Muslim girls could go to school and get some real education!

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker, When you posted this article I read it and was horrified, not that I was unaware that too much of this goes on, but the sheer ghastliness of this act is difficult to understand. On thinking about it; you title this “passion”, I describe it as hate, but hate, like passion is an emotional currency not an emotional prime mover, we have to learn to hate. Where does this hate come from? It must be fear, as fear is a prime mover of much of human interaction and is cleverly used, particularly by religion. I have a theory that successful raising of children is largely about the allaying of fear, but fear of what?
    I was working (commissioning an automation system) in a factory in an industrial city in Mexico about two years ago. One morning, about 7:00 am, as I made my way to the factory through the back streets of this incredibly grimy, garbage strewn city, I passed a group, about twelve, schoolgirls on their way to school, all neatly dressed with polished shoes, white socks, plaid skirts and white blouses, laughing and skipping on their way to school. It was a wonderful scene, poignantly beautiful, it would have made a great photo but a better painting. There was hope, dignity, pride, a good future.
    Throw acid in their faces!
    Over at Atlas Shrugs, Pam Geller had a post about Islam being largely about subjugation of women, an accurate depiction I think, but why?
    What drives this fear? Can this all be “performance anxiety”, or is it just about raw power: “I may know myself to be a frustrated, abject failure but I can still beat the shit out of you”.
    How do we respond to the acid throwers? We kill them.