London’s suicide bombers day 3

If this is true, Britain should now be regarded – and treated – as a terrorist-supporting country:

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a tottering terrorist group nearing its military collapse in Sri Lanka will defy UK anti-terrorism laws to glorify its suicide terrorism publicly when it holds its ‘suicide bombers day’ at the London Excel Centre, according to pro-LTTE media reports. Despite the proscription of the group in the United Kingdom , the Tamil language radio station, International Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) said in its broadcasts that the event would take place at the London ExCeL Centre, November 27 from 10a.m.

  Read more about it here.

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  • roger in florida

    That is very interesting. I was born in Wembley in 1948 (it was a nice place then) and left England in 1979 for Canada, . Big mistake, welfarism and political correctness are rampant in Canada, at least as much as in Britain. I left Canada in 1993 for the US. You probably know Melanie Phillips, who has carried on a valiant but losing battle against the prevailing political winds in Britain for many years. There is a fascinating study to be done about the collapse of society in Britain; to some extent it was the welfare state, although it was implemented with the best of intentions. There are many other factors at work. There was a constant barrage of self loathing propaganda about the British Empire for instance, it certainly had its imperfections but overall had a hugely positive influence on human history. British politicians have the largest blame, from Attlee to Brown (and doubtless before that!) they have all persistently ignored the interests of the British people, particularly with regard to the unrestricted immigration from third world countries that has swamped so many of our cities. They watched the departure of millions of British people to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. while encouraging immigration from Caribean countries, Bengal, Punjab and just about everywhere else. Not once did they ask “why this exodus?” but I suspect smugly celebrated the spread of “Albion’s seed”. The truth was people were leaving to get away from their BS. Peter Brimelow has long commented on the real effects of these huge population movements, also on the real politics behind the “politically correct” cult. To get some understanding of what working class Britain is really like I suggest “among the thugs” by Bill Buford. I watched this happen, I wish I understood it more.

  • Jillian Becker

    As always, a valuable comment from you, roger in florida. I lived in Britain until two years ago and know the truth of what you say. For many years I wrote about terrorism, and between 1985 and 1990 was Director of the Institute for the Study of Terrorism. We tried to keep the media, both Houses of Parliament, the police, and the public informed about terrorism. Especially we warned against sheltering terrorists, and the extreme danger of giving in to their demands. During the Thatcher years I think we had some effect. But it clearly did not last. Not even common sense has been used by the Labour Government in dealing with the problem. In fact, under Blair, with the huge Muslim influx, it has grown much more severe.

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker, to know Britain is to understand what is meant by “going tthrough the looking glass”. The political correctness enforced by the labor party hangers on in the whole culture: BBC, academia, bureaucracy etc. is mind boggling. The Govt. does not represent the people and is largely insulated from any public influence. Nonsense reigns supreme, up is down, good is bad and it is always time for tea! This is at the heart of Britain’s social problems (which are enormous). Numerous terroist groups have found haven in Britain, the fact that the utterly mad LTTE are having a convention is unsurprising to me. I found it bizarre that Tony Blair dispatched the British army to fight islamic terrorism in Afghanistan when there were much more virulent targets at Hyde Park corner.