Respecting Christmas 5

 Burt Prelutsky writes:

Liberals are so intolerant they often can’t even bear to have people say “Merry Christmas” in their presence. In fact, they can’t even bring themselves to recognize it as a celebration of a specific event. Instead, they dismiss it as the holiday season or the winter solstice. Isn’t it funny how nobody feels the compulsion to exchange gifts or attend church services or decorate their homes for the summer solstice? Well, in spite of Kwanzaa and Chanukah, this is Christmas season because most Americans are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though I’m Jewish, even I have to acknowledge it’s a special occasion, and those who feel entitled to disparage it are worse than Scrooge. They are bigoted, intolerant, ignoramuses.

We entirely agree with him. 

And we think that the Jewish mother who complained about the singing of ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ at her kid’s school was being narrow, intolerant, stupid, and wrong.  

However, concerning that atheist statement next to a Christmas Nativity scene in Washington State’s Capitol in Olympia, and the comments being bandied about that Christianity should be treated with respect, we have this to say: No religion has to be treated with respect. While it is good to treat people with respect as a general rule, there isn’t an idea ever conceived that should not be criticized, with whatever emotion the critic feels, including contempt and disgust. Religious ideas are only ideas like any others, and trying to protect them by law (as the UN is now trying to protect the horrid ideas of Islam) is narrow, intolerant, stupid and wrong. 

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  • roger in florida

    Reading Gaylords post I have to say that Americans have absolutely nothing to worry about, therefore they have to make stuff up to satisfy their irrational angst, they seem unable to relax and enjoy, but need a bogeyman to worry them. This is hilarious! or would be if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • Jillian Becker.

    Gaylord Perry – thanks. I read it. This is getting to be real fun.

  • Gaylord Perry
  • Jillian Becker

    Yes indeed, roger of florida, you are endorsing what I say. The person expressing an idea should (in all normal circumstances) be addressed with politeness. Personal politeness is necessary to civil society. But an idea itself does not have to be respected if it is not respectable. eg The ideas of the KKK. Of Nazis. Of Pol Pot. Of Mao Tse Tung. Of Ahmadinejad. Of Osama bin Laden. Of anti-Semites. Most ideas of the political left. Of believers in anthropogenic global warming. Of human sacrificers. Of slavers. The list could be endless. I feel my list would be much the same as yours, and there are only a few to which I respond emotionally. But some ought to make us angry, don’t you think? Religious ideas don’t make me personally angry, with the exception of Islam. I’m interested in religions and study them, without belief in any of them.

    We always appreciate your comments.

  • roger in florida

    I have to disagree somewhat. If you disagree with opinions or beliefs of another person your disagreement should, for the most part, be expressed respectfully. The most compelling reason for this is that you are very unlikely to have any impact on another person’s philosophy if you react with contempt and disgust. This is not to deny that some groups, notably Islamists, have beliefs and practices that are both contemptible and disgusting, but then the time for discussion with Islam has long passed, we need to destroy it and them. I love Christmas even though I really cannot call myself a Christian (I absolutely guarantee you that there never was a virgin birth and nobody was ever raised from the dead!). However the message of redemption is very powerful, particularly if we look at ourselves honestly as flawed individuals and seek peace with ourselves and our fellow man through understanding and love.
    Merry Christmas!