‘If Obama really is that dumb ….’ 3

 We don’t agree with everything that follows from Power Line.

First, we do want to know what contacts Obama and/or his team had with corrupt Governor Blagojevich. Obama swam in the sewers of Illinois and Chicago politics for years, and the chances that some of the sewage stuck to him and will stink again in due course are very high.

Secondly we aren’t keen on government creating an infrastructure for ‘alternative’ sources of energy. We would like to see massive drilling for oil and natural gas, the continued use of coal, and the building of many nuclear power plants. 

But we do agree that Obama manifests no understanding of  economics.

Speaking for myself, though, I’m a lot less alarmed by anything Emanuel did than by Barack Obama’s utter ignorance of economics, a subject that was raised again at today’s press conference. It’s an interesting question whether we’ve ever had a President who understands less how our economy works than Obama. There is some pretty stiff competition, but Obama has never had a job in the business world, has never studied economics, and, as far as the public record shows, has never made any effort to understand the vast and diverse economy that he proposes to regulate and transform.

I find this scary, and it gets scarier every time Obama talks about how the federal government is going to create "green jobs" having to do with wind power, etc. It’s possible that the federal government could have a role in helping to facilitate development of an infrastructure that would enable alternative energy technologies, and if Obama made a coherent argument along those lines I’d be receptive to it. But he’s never done so. As far as I can tell, and as far as his press conference today reveals, Obama suffers from the misconception that the government can create wealth and jobs by subsidizing the inefficient production of energy. If he really is that dumb, we are all in big trouble.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; now more than ever the free world needs a strong US, strong in it’s support of western enlightenment, western capitalism, individual liberty, equality of men and women, and so on. The threat that we all face from islamism is very real, it is (thanks to oil) well funded and it has a long view with a very definite set of aims. What we have is a man who thinks that the muslim call to prayer is “the most beautiful sound on earth”. Whose views of western values and history borders on contemptuos. You are right, he is ignorant, and this ignorance is going to cost us. If any of what Spengler predicts comes true there is going to be chaos aplenty for BO to consider.
    However it is refreshing that he has an excellent understanding of the energy issue: I swear I heard him say on TV that a priority of his admin. would be to pass a law stopping home owners associations from banning clothes lines! So there you have it; the answers are to keep your tires inflated and dry your drawers on the line!

  • Jillian Becker.

    An apt and witty comment, r in f!
    As you demonstrate, he’s not dumb, he’s cunning. But he is also ignorant. He knows nothing of economics, nothing of world affairs. I doubt that he knows any history. What he knows is … what you have said.
    Aren’t we in for a fearful future?

  • roger in florida

    He isn’t dumb at all. He knows how to manipulate crowds, he knows how to inflame class envy and direct it to his benefit. He knows how to lickspittle his way through a corrupt political machine. He knows when to lie, when to own up and when to stay quiet. He knows how to cripple opponents using innuendo, phony indignation and all the arcane rules of electoral legality. Who is he? A dash of Hitler, a lot of Peron, loads of Clinton, bit of Tony Blair, in short a completely manipulative phony, the poster child of the modern politician.