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We draw our readers’ attention to Iftikhar Ahmad’s comment  on Islam tightens its grip on Europe, below.  

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Monday, December 22, 2008

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  • Jillian Becker.

    Thank you, r in f, for these observations. Although I am an atheist, I fully acknowledge the immensely important contribution that Judaism has made to civilization. The Abrahamic covenant – enshrined in the founding myth of Judaism, the non-sacrifice of Isaac, demonstrating that God does not require human sacrifice – was a huge step forward for mankind. The Mosaic code established freedom under the rule of law, on which civilization depends.

    These are subjects for long essays, if not volumes. We can only make brief notes on them here. Your notes are valuable.

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker, when I refer to “Jewish rationality” I mean what seems to me to be the basic message of Jewish history, religion and culture; that the individual is responsible for his/her behaviour. For instance, implicit in the 10 commandments is the responsibility of the individual to behave as directed by God and not to appeal to idols (protestant commandment 2). I understand there is a huge amount of scholarship on this subject and I certainly don’t hold myself up as any scholar, however the importance of this emphasis on individual responsibility I believe is key, it places responsibility on the individual to think. it allows the individual to consider a question in it’s entirety without fear of offence given to some diety. This encourages rational discussion, research and problem solving. If you are prevented from accurately defining a question you will never come up with the correct answer. Individual responsibility is the basis of trust, which is the basis of contract law, contract law is the basis of trade (not barter, trade on credit), trade on credit is the Mother of capitalism.

    The Protestant reformation essentially followed the same line of thought, God is within all of us, therefore there are no gatekeepers to God, therefore you are individually responsible for following the laws of God.

    This esentially defines “freedom” for conservatives, if you are responsible you are free. This is not the definition of freedom adopted by collectivists, in their world freedom means freedom from consequences.

    I believe the application of this rationality over millenia is what has given the Jewish people an 8 to 10 point lead in average IQ, and crucially pushed a higher proportion of the Jewish people over the critical 130 point level where society finds it’s leaders and thinkers.

    I believe this is perhaps also the cause of Jewish problems with host states, achievement invites envy and jealousy. Power seekers have long used demagoguery to attack Jews.

    Right now we face the threat of Islam. This is an irrational religion, but it is more than what we in the Judeo-Christian community commonly think of as a religion, it is a social structure, a legal system, a financial system and a lifestyle that is all encompassing. It is difficult for non muslims to understand the total intellectual control that islam exerts over it’s followers. Literally a devout muslim may spend his entire day in prescribed activity without having an uncontrolled thought.

    This what I meant when I said we are “throwing out 5,000 years of Jewish rationality”.

  • Jillian Becker.

    r in f, your comments, as always, are most apt. Please would you enlarge a little, if you feel like it, on ‘we are also throwing out 5,000 years of Jewish rationality’? I for one would be interested to read more from you on this point.

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; I don’t wish to put too much of an Anglo spin on this, we are also throwing out 5,000 years of Jewish rationality. This islamic march has to be stopped. I cannot express the depth of my contempt for the appeasers of this darkness!

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; thank you for the heads up re the comment you reference. I have responded. To read his comment is to view into the pit. How ever did this occur? We have invited our enslavers to share our hearth. If this process is not stopped we stand to lose everything that has been fought for and achieved over the last thousand years, and all in the space of one lifetime!