Israel hits back 5

 From Debkafile:

Israeli bombers hit Hamas’ film center in southern Gaza Saturday night, Dec. 27, after massive air raids destroyed Hamas compounds across the enclave leaving 205 killed, 330 injured and thousands of shock victims. The operation followed a week in which Hamas fired 200 missiles at Israeli civilian targets.

The Israeli Air Force planes struck Hamas security headquarters in Gaza City and compounds, police stations and ports. Several Hamas commanders were killed in the bombardment of a Hamas military passing-out ceremony. Among them was Hamas police chief Tawfiq Jabber.

The Israeli military spokesman said the Gaza operation is "just beginning" and would be expanded and intensified as necessary.

Hamas and other Palestinian factions ordered its "fighters to avenge Israeli attacks." An Israeli was killed in Netivot in its first reprisal.

Egypt has condemned Israel for its military attack, but held Hamas responsible for refusing to heed warnings and failing to protect the Palestinian people. It has mobilized its rescue and medical services in Sinai, including hospitals for aid to casualties for the Israeli air bombardment of Gaza. Egyptian ambulances stood by at the Rafah crossing to transport wounded Hamas operatives.

The Israeli air attack launching some 40 missiles began 11.30 a.m. local time Saturday, eight days after Hamas terminated the informal Gaza ceasefire by showering missiles and mortar rounds on 250,000 Israeli civilians day after day.

Last week, the Israeli cabinet gave the Israeli military the green light for reprisals as Palestinian missile attacks escalated, 13 mortar rounds fired Friday, when Israel allowed 90 trucks of food and medicines to cross into the Gaza Strip.

Since Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip in 2005, the Palestinians have fired 5,000 missiles.

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  • Jillian Becker.

    We’re impressed by your question, Muslims Against Sharia, and we think your website is remarkably interesting.

    We hope to hear more from you.

  • Hypocrisy in Action:
    Where were Egypt, Russia, OIC, EU, Britain, Sarkozy, US & Austria when Hamas was pounding Israel with daily barrage of rockets?

  • Jillian Becker.

    r in f, I’m so glad you answered the ‘disproportionate’ nonsense!

    Please see my question to you under your comments to ‘Darkness visible’.

  • roger in florida

    You cretin: Israel is under attack by the governing authority of Gaza, this is war! Jewish rationality detests war. If Hamas wasn’t launching missiles into Israel there would be no conflict! There would be business, trade, education, a rising standard of living for both Israelis and Arabs, there would be education, freedom and dignity for all citizens. Instead of that there is a campaign by the dead enders of islam for the death of all Jews and the destruction of Israel. Israel needs to adjust the attitude of the islamic terroists, just like Gen. Curtis LeMay adjusted the attitudes of the Japanese, I say carry on Israel until the islamic swine scream for mercy. Then there can be a new beginning.

  • Anon.

    Israel acted, as usual, very disproportionately.