Too much compassion, too little conservatism 1

 Ken Blackwell writes in Townhall (read the whole column here):

Only Republicans offer the conservative principles that can address our economic woes. Since our outgoing president has abandoned those principles – and never adhered to some of them – the GOP must speak with a different voice. The GOP must be the voice of reason before America goes past the point of no return in trading a capitalist economy for a socialist state.

Everyone who knows President Bush will tell you he is an extraordinarily warm and pleasant person, and a true gentleman. Contrary to the left’s portrayal of him, Mr. Bush is full of compassion.

But that is not enough. Some industries need change that government cannot provide. In a free market, company mismanagement and union shortsightedness result in corporate reorganization, not government involvement at the cost of countless billions of dollars that only delays the inevitable.

The Republican Party was once the champion of limited government and economic freedom. President Bush’s recent actions have thoroughly distorted that image. It will take strong leadership for the GOP to reclaim its small government and free market reputation.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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  • roger in florida

    Let’s be charitable to Mr Blackwell, perhaps he has been on vacation for a while. Convenient as it is for republicans to blame GW for the party’s woes, it is a complete cop out. The president doesn’t pass legislation, congress does so all the garbage that GW has put in place was agreed to by congress.

    “Limited government and economic freedom”, is he smoking something? We have just had an election where the electorate overwhelmingly embraced the socialist candidate. Blacks voted for reparations, hispanics voted for amnesty and whites voted for social security and medicare.

    The only major candidate who stood for life over death, thought corruption was something to be confronted and defeated and who (albeit obliquely) mentioned personal responsibility, was mocked, ridiculed and vilified, and that by “conservatives”. The attacks on her from the left could only be described as rabid insanity.

    If the republican party follows Mr Blackwells advice they may end up representing a mountaintop in Idaho. My reaction to the constant calls I get from the GOP for money is that I may as well throw coins on a grave.

    The worst legacy of GW will be the destruction of the character of the USA through his encouragement of illegal immigration from Mexico. 60% of all illegals entered during his presidency and he championed an amnesty for them. Good luck trying to get latin votes by talking about anglo values, you may as well talk martian to a groundhog.

    It will be saddest when the whites who betrayed their heritage for a monthly social security check find that it won’t buy a days worth of food.

    Don’t think that the socialist model the USA will follow will be the centralised competency of France or Germany. Look instead to Argentina for our model. Highest living standard in the world to economic and social basket case in 60 years.