Apology 2

We have accidentally eliminated the two most recent postings. To everyone who commented on either of them we apologize. We especially regret the loss of Gaza gets the mercy it doesn’t deserve, as we had three very good comments – one sympathetic to Hamas and two against Hamas, one of which was very rude about the Palestinians in general. We appreciated them all. 

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  • Jillian Becker.

    Thank you, reshuffflex, for your understanding. If I can, I’ll re-post the item and would very much like it if you’d repeat your comment.

    I hope the other two readers who commented the first time – Taiwanese and Rocker, if I remember rightly – will do the same.

  • reshufflex@yahoo.com

    Kudos to you for the apology; it shows self-respect, candor and a spirit of objectivity.

    For the record, my post was the one you called “sympathetic to Hamas,” albeit it was not intended as such. Rather, my post was meant to illuminate the disproportionality of the force being employed, juxtaposing Israeli and Hamas’ munitions, respective troop strength, and means of defense.

    I have no dog in this fight, but am not blind to the consequentialist nature of this dogfight.