Disastrous misjudgment? 2

The New York Times claims that President Bush turned down an Israeli request for bunker-busting bombs and permission to overfly Iraq so that the Israeli Air Force could disable or destroy Iran’s nuclear-bomb production.

The NYT cannot be trusted to report the truth, but in this instance it’s not easy to see how lying would be in the interests of that traitorous newspaper.

If the report is true, then Bush has imperiled the world. By letting Iran become a nuclear power, he becomes a co-author of the terror and destruction Iran will inflict on Israel and all of us.  

We praise President Bush for eliminating the tyrant Saddam Hussein, for leading America to victory in Iraq, and for keeping Americans safe from more terrorist attacks after 9/11.

But if he is now tolerating Iran’s arming itself with nuclear bombs, he is undoing the good he has done. A nuclear armed Iran is a far greater threat to America than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden ever were.

President Clinton had a number of opportunities to kill Osama bin Laden and each time made the bad judgment not to do so. If President Bush has really stopped Israel from destroying Iran’s bomb-producing sites,  he has made a worse misjudgment. America will pay dearly for it.

All hope that the US itself will act effectively to stop Iran ends, we believe, with the Bush presidency. It seems to us most unlikely that Obama will do anything but make futile attempts to appease that evil regime.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Monday, January 12, 2009

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  • roger in florida

    I hope there are agents in place in Iran doing whatever damage they can, however the wider picture is that if Israel bombs Iran then the agreement between the US and Iran to allow the US to retreat from Iraq in good order will be null and void. Then “it” will hit the fan big time. If Iran can close the straits of Hormuz (pretty easy to do with mines or sunken block ships) then the US forces in Iraq are cut off and will be facing the full fury of Iranian irregulars and the Shia militia. The situation of the forces in Afghanistan is even worse, virtually all the supplies for 60,000 NATO troops come from Karachi on Pakistani roads, that route will be cut and those troops will be isolated, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of screaming islams wanting to cut their infidel heads off.
    Of course all this could have been avoided if GWB had called the Iranian bluff and attacked the IED factories and terroist training camps in Iran, but his decision after looking at Congressional support (?) and the opinion polls is that the US had to retreat from the Middle East.
    So we are in it up to our necks with an incoming president who for all his skill at giving prepared speeches, when faced with an unexpected situation sweems unable to find his backside with both hands.
    Iran will be a nuclear power and will dominate the Middle East, bad news for us and terrible news for Israel.

  • Skeptic

    Jillian – the NYT is up to its old tricks. It used the story to reveal that US agents have penetrated Iran’s nuclear facilities and supply lines and are sabotaging them. It does this even though it puts US security at risk simply because it hates Bush. This is criminal but the NYT will not be prosecuted. Not after all it did to get Obama elected.