Daring to use freedom 1

 Again the Czechs delight us.

Czech artist David Cerny has produced a work depicting his view of the member countries of the ghastly EU which should have all Europe laughing at itself, and the rest of the world laughing with it. Some are laughing, but it has aroused official fury.

Bulgaria is the angriest because it is shown as a Turkish toilet.

Holland is under water with minarets sticking out of it.

Britain is happy because it is left out.  

Read all about it here.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Friday, January 16, 2009

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  • C. Gee

    This is a truly ugly piece of public art, as intended by Cerny. The irony is that had it really been the product of collaboration among real artists, rather than the invention of one man and his fictitious collaborators, the work would have been universally praised as a “thought-provoking deconstruction of national myths and stereotyping”. Now it is merely a “hate-filled construction of national myths and stereotyping.” We should support it as “fake, but true”- truer than the Bush memo in Rathergate, or the “memoirs” of Rigoberta Menchu.