The wonderful British bobby in terrified retreat 3

 Watch this video of the British police being chased by Muslim and pro-Muslim rioters in London. Abuse is hurled at them. They are called ‘f***ing cowards’ – and the sad thing is, they are. 

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  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; certainly the police in Britain have made errors, although I do not believe shooting the young Brazilian was an error, given the context. The wider problem is that the police leadership will follow their political masters whims, they have to if they ever want to be promoted (and most ambitous police officers will do anything to get an extra pip on their shoulders). The rot in Britain is in the political leadership, all the way to the Prime Minister and in the civil service, and has been for years. The “red rot” you refer to in some of your other posts is the root cause of this. You remember how the miners brought down Ted Heath (and Wilson, if I remember correctly) but came up dead short against Margaret Thatcher. Mrs T is the only British leader I can remember who had any guts and principles at all.

  • Jillian Becker

    I agree, r in f, with most of what you say. But the British police, like all other authorities in Britain, have been thoroughly dhimmified. I’m sure you’ve been following the depressing story of their misjudgments (the shooting of the young Brazilian), their demoralization (accepting the stupid accusation that they are ‘institutionally racist’), their weak leadership, their fear of ‘interfering’ in the Muslim ghettos when there are ‘honor killings’ and forced child marriages, and so on and on. They must bear some responsibility themselves for their own failures, although they have been badly mis-directed and mis-used by their political overlords.

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; I have seen this video and I have to say it is quite appalling how street thugs are allowed, even encouraged (Ken Livingstone, George Galloway) to riot violently on London streets. The problem is though that it is not the outnumbered police officers who are the cowards, if you look at their faces they would love to quell this activity but do not have the numbers or equipment to do so. The cowards are the Home Secretary and Gordon Brown who need to mobilize the 500 men of the Royal Fusiliers with batons, rubber bullets, snatch squads and even live rounds if necessary to impose order on the streets. These “protests” are more about the domestic problems of Britain than they are about any world problems. This is the SWF, the Trots and other left wing rent-a-mob hooligans challenging the “establishment”. And of course any non-citizens at these events need to be detained in very uncomfortable camps while they decide to re-patriate themselves.

    How likely is this to happen? Not very, I would say.