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 From Voice of America News

Russia’s nuclear power chief says his country plans to start up the Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran this year.

Sergei Kiriyenko told Russian media Thursday that assuming nothing unexpected happens, the launch will go as planned before the end of 2009. 

He said there are no unresolved questions with his Iranian counterparts regarding the technical start-up. 

Kiriyenko said he plans to travel to the Bushehr construction site later this month. 

Russia began working on the project in 1995, and says it has already delivered the fuel to get Iran’s first nuclear power plant running.

The plant’s opening has frequently been delayed. In the past, Iranian officials have blamed the delays, in part, on foreign sanctions related to its disputed nuclear program. 

Officials say Bushehr will be capable of producing about 1,000 megawatts of electricity a year.

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  • Jillian Becker

    I have long observed, r in f, that when the Muslim states are hit hard they subside. It’s when they are appeased that they press on with their jihad.

  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; be very careful what you wish for. An Israeli strike on Iran will be an opening move, not a closing one. There will be an Iranian reaction and that could well lead to WW3, and very quickly go nuclear. All israel and the West have to do with Iran is wait for them to rot from within while maintaing a credible deterrent. This may take 30 years but I believe is preferable to what could happen from a pre-emptive strike.

    I would not be surprised to learn that the US is preparing a pre-emptive strike against Israel to prevent what you hope for.

  • Jillian Becker.

    I think that Netanyahu will come to power in Israel in a few days, r in f, and the chances that he will take action against Iran are very high. Israelis could find a way without US bunker bombs, and without permission to overfly Iraq. All we can do is hope that they’ll do so!

  • roger in florida

    As I understand the situation Iran does have the right to pursue nuclear power for energy purposes, which is what this reactor at Bushehr is, I hope they ordered the containment building option. My recollection of Tehran from my last visit in the early 70s was that it was one of the most polluted cities I had ever visited, mostly from vehicle emissions but also from power generation. I understand that the whole issue is a bit murky (where does the spent fuel go?) but we have to face it, there is nobody who is going to stop Iran going nuclear. USA has the means but not the courage, Israel has the courage but not the means and Europe has neither courage nor means.