The Hillary effect 3

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuses to raise ‘human rights’ issues in her talks with the oppressive Communist Chinese government.  Exercising what she calls ‘smart power’, she smiles and smiles, while dissidents are confined.

There is, however, no indication that her visit to China is having the least effect on any of its foreign policies.   

From Canada Free Press:

The Chinese Human Rights Defenders, a group comprising some of China’s most determined activists, said the authorities had told dissidents that they would not be allowed to move freely during Mrs Clinton’s visit.

They were either placed under increased surveillance or locked in their homes and barred from receiving visitors.

Some activists were reported to have been detained by police at guesthouses outside Beijing.

Many of those who have been targeted by the Chinese authorities signed the Charter 08 petition in December. The petition, which was issued on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, called for political reform, freedom of expression and democracy in China.

It was signed by 303 intellectuals and activists, including Yu Jie, a blacklisted writer who was visited by plainclothes police on Friday.

"They said I was to receive heightened monitoring throughout Clinton’s visit, but it would end once she left," said Mr Yu.

Posted under Commentary by Jillian Becker on Monday, February 23, 2009

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  • roger in florida

    Ms Becker; Hillary reminds me of the character so wonderfully portrayed by Angela Lansbury in “The Manchurian Candidate”; ruthless, calculating and consumed with ambition. I believe she accepted the Sec state position only to keep up with Obama so that she can challenge him in 2012, tough to do that from the Senate.

    You are so right about freedom over “human rights”. The two are incompatible. Consider the “anti discrimination” laws. As an individual, if I cannot discriminate, that is, exercise choice, in what sense am I free?

    The anti discrimination laws elevate group rights over individual freedom and “incidentally” provide a fine instrument of oppression.

    As to what she said about China and US sink or survive together; well said.

  • Jillian Becker

    I’ve only just read the Weaver family story – as a result of your comment, r in f.
    It is deeply shocking.
    Actually, I don’t believe in ‘human rights’. I believe in freedom.
    It’s the Clinton hypocrisy that we’re getting at with this post. They ‘feel everyone else’s pain’, they say or imply. Liars. Impossible, anyway. And a harder lady than Hillary it would be difficult to find.
    What she said to the Chinese about economic relations – that China and America sink or survive together – is bosh.

  • roger in florida

    The US has no power to enforce any course of action on China. Bellyaching about something you can do nothing about is petty, juvenile and self defeating. The problems of China’s dissidents are their own, God help them if they think the US is going to help. For now the Chinese have no option but to continue funding US profligacy but that may change any time.

    BTW, the US has no business talking to China, or anybody else, about human rights abuses: Vicki Weaver was deliberately murdered by an assassin employed for just that purpose by the US Govt.