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 Al-Qaeda is roaring back into Iraq. 

Pakistan is disintegrating, and the Taliban is likely to take control of its nuclear arsenal.  

Iran and North Korea are producing nuclear weapons. 

Israel has called up its airforce reservists.

What is the Obama administration doing about these developments?

What is it likely to do?

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  • C. Gee

    Don’t worry! Not one of those crises will be wasted. Each will provide an opportunity to further the administration’s educational, health and climate change goals.
    Victor: Obama sees no enemies, only those understandably provoked by pre-Obama America.

  • roger in florida

    Yes Victor that is our enemy, although I think the difference between a moderate and a militant muslim is that the militant is actually trying to kill us while the moderate only wishes us dead.
    For any who doubt the nature of our enemy, visit the website of the lionness, Pamela Geller: “Atlas Shrugs”.

  • hjorrdis

    I’m willing to bet the Obama Administration will respond by holding press conferences about swine flu and throwing parties.

  • victor

    first thing is to accept and acknowledge who your enemy is. It’s not terrorism, its the people that cause it. Militant muslims. This is a battle against militant islam.

  • roger in florida

    This administration seems to be even less able to identify the issues than it’s predecessor, and when you cannot (or will not) define the problem how can you come to a solution. Apologising to the islamic world for American “arrogance” is not going to get any acceptable results.
    I suspect that what the administration is likely to do is to try to appeal to reason, (to the unreasonable), and to appeal to the humanitarian side of the most cold hearted killers and oppressors on the planet.
    To draw an analogy; it is as if the administration is standing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, pondering the muddy trickle of water that is the Colorado river, unaware that 100 miles upstream the flood gates have been opened and a 50′ wall of water is roaring down the canyon.
    Day by day the situation worsens, Pakistans nuclear weapons are almost in the hands of the taliban and are in fact already in the hands of islamic militants.