Rise of the BNP 2

Felix Bungay writes:

It’s been a strange few days in Britain. There has been open conflict in the Labour party over Mr Brown’s ability to lead the country. Many of his senior ministers have been resigning like flies and all of this happened before the disastrous Labour results in the local and European elections. In spite of all this he lives on, much like the terminator as our own Dan Hannan put it.
In addition to all of this and in my opinion far more worrying, is that for the first time Britain will be sending two members of the national socialist BNP (British National Party) to the European Parliament following the European elections. It is a sad day in any country to see democratically elected representatives openly espouse racism, but attention must now be drawn to culture which has allowed the BNP to succeed.

My answer to this is that the BNP have prospered because of Labours culture of ‘identity politics’. That is the pigeonholing of everyone into specific groups based on their gender, race, sexuality or any other distinction. Such actions are typical of the left, seeking to ‘collectivise’ people rather than treating them as individuals. The Labour government has encouraged special interest groups to lobby government on behalf of ‘gays’, ‘blacks’, ‘Muslims’ or whoever else. This standpoint discards the viewpoints of individuals in these various minorities and transforms them into a ‘group’ based on these distinctions.

I would argue that such action is in-itself inherently racist, sexist or otherwise, as by putting these people into political groupings based on their minority, this presupposes that people of the same sexuality or race automatically think the same or have the same views. Thus this obsession with ‘identity’ is not only fundamentally flawed but it has also led to an increasing resentment amongst Labours ‘core vote’ of the white working class.

Indeed when we combine this culture with Labours failure to address immigration or the European Union, we can see the ideal breeding ground for a political party which combines extreme left economic policies (nationalisation of industry, high taxation, protectionism etc) with a promise to end and un-do immigration. Labours laws on hate crimes, positive discrimination, multiculturalism and the breeding of a political culture were anyone who speaks out against Burka’s or Sharia law is labelled a racist has led to an alienation between itself and what used to be the people it stood for. Instead of encouraging immigrants to become British we have encouraged them to remain in their own communities and to essentially segregate themselves from British life. Increasing immigration and a failure to integrate these immigrants into British life has meant that these people remain culturally alien to the British Isles. It is not then surprising that people who have lived in an area for many generations may begin to feel strangers in their own towns when immigrant communities become more prevalent.

It is in Labours failure to address any of these issues which are of such concern to ordinary British people that it has created the conditions for the BNP to be actively welcomed in some areas as the antidote to all this. It is Labour and Labour alone who are to blame for the BNP’s success and we need a radical change in culture to deliver us from this spiralling madness of identity politics. What we need is a political culture where we can have a real debate about immigration. What we need is a society where we can move away from treating people of the same sex, colour or sexuality as a political group rather than as individuals. What we need is a society built around the concept of a civic British identity, rather than a fractured society strewn around many. This is the only way we can move forward as a nation and the only way to truly counter the BNP.

Felix Bungay is a 1st year History and Politics student. He is a member of the British Conservative party and The Freedom Association. You can read more of what he has to say on his blog: Think This – http://youthinkthis.blogspot.com/

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  • roger in florida

    You are so right, although you can probably count me as a granny barbecuer, not that I have a vote, so it really doesn’t matter what I think.

  • I disagree with your last paragraph. It is not ‘Labour alone’ that bears responsibility for any current or future increase in the electoral vote for the British National Party. I think we need to remember that the Conservative Party has been equally complicit in the surrender to mass immigration, cultural separation and the European project. It was Peter Hitchens who rightly noted that the Conservative Party has been responsible for ‘every stupid decision of the past half-century [which] was either made by them or later supported by them’. Similarly, history did not begin in 1997; the Labour Party has in many ways simply continued these destructive trends that begun under previous Conservative Governments (or were not prevented by previous Conservative Governments).

    It should be noted that in the European regional constituencies where the BNP won their seats then the number of votes they polled actually decreased. There was no popular surge in their vote. They won their seats because the main parties are so unpopular. For example, if the Conservative Party were really so popular as David Cameron says then they would not have lost about 200,000 votes in just five years (in 2004 they polled 4,397,090 votes while in 2009 it dropped to 4,198,394). The thing is though, as we know, the Conservative Party are not really popular at all. They are in many ways just as unpopular as the Labour Party – though in a slightly different way. Vast swathes of the electorate (some for unthinking tribal reasons) would rather barbecue their granny than vote Tory. As a result these voters who have been abandoned by the main parties to the effects of mass immigration are predictably turning to the party that is actually talking about immigration – even if it is in an unpleasant and racialist way. Because the Conservative Party is unprepared to represent a non-bigoted, conservative alternative to the current EU/immigration/cultural degradation status quo then they are of course responsible for driving voters into the arms of the BNP.

    If you want a ‘real’ debate about immigration (or any other topic for that matter) then do not give yourself false hope that you will get it under any incoming David Cameron Government. The Conservative Party are as in favour of the European Union as the Labour Party (in the sense that they do not wish to leave), and a ‘real’ debate about immigration would involve an examination of our membership of the EU and this is something which the main parties and media wish to prevent. In fact the Conservative Party are not really conservative at all. They are merely continuing their trend of capitulating to the Left on social, moral, economic and political issues.

    I should add that it is also our (i.e. the electorate) responsibility for any rise of the BNP. If we do not hold Government, Parliament and political parties to account through the ballot box and through wider civil action then in some respects we only get the elected representatives we deserve.