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Nick Griffin MEP was elected to the European Parliament last Sunday. He has carefully tried to foster a moderate image, portraying him and his party as misunderstood and vilified by the media. Here are some details about his background however.

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  • Good, I re-read my comment and thought I was a bit unfair on your post, but I’m glad you saw it as i intended it – constructive criticism from an equally concerned blogger

    I detest Griffin and his party, just as much as I hate the rent-a-mob crowd from the hard left that are his best recruiting sergeants


  • swestrop

    I completely agree. I do believe that anti-fascist campaigns – the ‘no platform’ policy – simply bolsters BNP support. They are becoming seen as iconoclasts, martyrs of the ‘traitors’ in the media. The best way to expose them for the bizarre anachronistic bastards they are, is to engage them in open debate – and not just, as you said, the insubstantial, unworkable nature of their policies would be exposed; but the realisation that they are dangerous thugs and nothing more.

  • You’re commiting the genetic fallacy – attacking the origin of a position or person’s policy as evidence that discredits the person or policy itself. It is a form of ad hominem attack where Griffin’s past is more important than what he is actually saying.

    I too am atheist and a Libertarian, so I have a lot in common with your views. But to dwell on Griffin’s background like this is a tactic more in line with the egg-throwing SWP left-wing nutters we see on TV.

    The way to fight the BNP is not attack them as people, but GO FOR THEIR POLICIES – really, their ideas are so daft this shouldn’t be so hard, read their manifesto and discredit them that way.

    I hate to say it, but Griffin is being denied (not by you of course, but generally) his right to free speech and personal liberty by these left-wing goons, some of the things being said about him and the BNP in the media belong to Stalinist Russia. It doesn’t help the real fight against their views, and actually gives them the opportunity (rightly) to call themselves victims.

    I enjoy the blog BTW