Little Green Footballs makes note of the BNP’s friends in America.

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  • roger in florida

    Definitely not a smart move. But I don’t think it matters though, BNP is a fringe group and will only achieve real power if the UK mainstream parties continue to ignore (and shit on!) white working class people. While that is expected of the conservative party, labour had better get some realistic leadership. This political turmoil has happened before, not in Britain but in Germany and very nearly in France with Le Pen. What this comes down to is the deluge of 3rd world aliens into Britain, bringing their disgusting cultures with them. I was born in Wembley, and my Mother lived there until a few years ago, until, afraid for her life, she left. You middle class people with your so sophisticated multiculturalism can sneer all you like but my Mother was mugged four times in a year in Wembley High Street by swarms of burqua clad swine. That is now the reality of life in formerly polite and civilised white working class areas.