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Well, the two British embassy staff arrested by the Iranian government are to be put on trial.

Guardians Council chief Ahmad Jannati said: “Naturally they will be put on trial, they have made confessions.”

“In these incidents, their embassy had a presence, some people were arrested,” Ayatollah Jannati told the thousands of worshippers at Friday prayers, according to news agencies.

Ayatollah Jannati added: “After the election, the enemy could not stand people’s joy. The enemy made an effort to poison the people. They had planned a velvet revolution before the election.”

He said the UK foreign office had warned of possible “street riots” around the 12 June election and had advised its nationals to avoid public places.

This is a shrewd move by the Guardian council. The implication of British involvement in the riots seems to us to be an attempt to excuse the riots as the wicked interfering hand of foreign powers, rather than the protests being at the whim of the Iranian people.

One excerpt from the article caused us amusement:

Historians says the distrust between the UK and Iran stems from the 1800s, when Iran – then Persia – was forced to concede territory to Russia in a treaty drafted by a British diplomat.

Thank God (sic) for the BBC’s official historians. I now feel enlightened.

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  • aeschines

    While seemingly quaint and humorous, the comment about historical distrust is more revealing than you think. Islam has a huge obsession with history. What was theirs in some distant past SHOULD always remain theirs (Spain and the Balkans, anyone?).

    However, Islamists have no concept of countries changing and developing culturally because for the last 1000 years, they haven’t at all. Islam is still just the mentality of a bunch of backwards, women-abusing war-mongering Arab tribesmen. Vicious vendetta-keeping tribesmen.

    A slight such as the British drafting a treaty that hurt Iran may seem like absurd grounds for distrust according to us, but to a follower of Islam it’s plenty enough. We’re dealing with people who will kill over a film, remember?

    Maybe it’s a Persian thing too – I recall that Xerxes instructed a slave to remind him of what the Athenians did at Sardis quite regularly.