Oh don’t forsake us, Sarah darlin’! 1

As we have said before, the degree of irrational foaming hatred that the  guttersnipes of the left feel and express for Sarah Palin is a measure of their fear of her. 

An example of their reasonless vituperation can be found in today’s Investor’s Business Daily in an article by one Richard Cohen, too silly and nasty to quote much of, but here’s a bit of it:

Was it OK with the GOP if the person a heartbeat away from the presidency was — pardon me, but it’s true — a ditz with no national experience whatsoever? You betcha.

This from a guy who presumably voted to put Obama into the presidency – a ditz with no useful experience of any sort if ever there was one!

(Why does the IBD  give space to columnists on the left, who contradict everything the paper stands for? To give us cause to laugh disgustedly and to remind us why we despise the left?  What other reasons could there be?) 

Sarah Palin is a born politician, and one of that rare breed, a politician with integrity. Furthermore, her policies are the best: strong defense, fiscal responsibility, limited government, a free economy, energy independence. 

We doubt that she intends to leave the political arena.  We don’t believe she could. We hope she makes lots of money with her book and through every means she can as a celebrity worthy of being celebrated. We hope she also becomes powerful, for the sake of the American people. Stay with us, Sarah, and soar to the skies!

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  • roger in florida

    My response to Richard Cohen, on AT site:
    Well let’s see; if McCain had won and mercifully tripped over something and was rendered unable to serve, we would have had President Sarah Palin. What would have happened?
    1. We would be “drilling baby, drilling” and so would be on our way to energy independence with the associated millions of jobs in construction, transport, manufacturing, etc.
    2. We would have had tax cuts which would have further stimulated the economy, with all the joy associated with new Co. start ups, enhanced prosperity and national optimism.
    3. We would have a constitutional form of govt. which carries with it the liberty and dignity of the people.
    And so on.
    Compared to what we have:
    The total collapse of the private sector with unemployment headed to at least 15%.
    Massive and unsustainable debts, guaranteed to destroy our currency.
    The entrenchment of a stultifying bureaucracy, which will lead to apathy, pessimism, fatalism and the collapse of our national will.
    Thank you Cohen, but I’ll take the ditz, anytime.