Obama lies over the ocean – and so does Hillary 7

From Power Line:

We’re used to Barack Obama doing it, but this time it’s Hillary Clinton–our Secretary of State!–spreading lies about America overseas:

Hillary Clinton then drew some negative attention for comparing a disputed Nigerian election with the 2000 U.S. stalemate that ended with George W. Bush winning out over Al Gore, who served as Bill Clinton’s vice president.

“Our democracy is still evolving,” Clinton said. “You know we had some problems in some of our presidential elections. As you may remember, in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of one of the men running for president was governor of the state. So we have our problems too.”

Clinton’s clear implication was that Jeb Bush had somehow stolen the election on behalf of his brother. This is an outrageous slander, not only of Governor Bush, who had nothing to do with the outcome of the election, but against the United States. What could possibly have possessed our country’s top diplomat to think that it would serve our interests to tell the world, falsely, that we have corrupt Presidential elections?

Once again, the incompetence of the Obama administration is remarkable.

‘Incompetence’? What became of the word ‘treachery’?

What ‘possessed’ her? Why, ‘smart power’ of course.

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  • Alejandro

    To jillianbecker:

    Liberty is important because it embodies all of the freedoms. In my opinion, these should include abortions and gay marriage. Conservatives do not share these values.

    While liberty is important, I feel that I have not stressed enough in my previous comment the importance of security. This, in fact, is indisputably more important than both freedom and liberty. Security must come from the government, whose duty it is to protect us not just from enemies in places like Afghanistan (not Iraq), but also to keep us safe from pending disasters such as those that will arise from global warming if CO2 emissions are not stopped very soon. Regulations must be passed to keep us – and our planet – more secure. Also under the umbrella of security is a national health service. It is morally despicable that 45,000,000 people in our nation are uninsured. In Howard Dean's words, we need to make The “wealthiest nation” also the “healthiest.” I agree with this sentiment.

    To aeschines:

    The answer to your first question is incorporated in my response to jillianbecker. I do not see why you find that these core democratic values cannot together coexist. But as for your second question, I do not in any way support acts of terror, but I do think that one must treat Islam with more respect. Islam is a very deep, very influential religion. And the majority of Muslims are moderate. Nor is Islam the only religion with terrorists elements. There have also been Jewish and Christian terrorists. Islamic people are undeservingly underrated. They have helped to progress mankind in uncountably many ways.

    What's more, as terrorists are people, they should be given the same rights as every other person. We must treat them with the human rights that they deserve!

    • Jillian Becker

      Alejandro –

      To answer all you say would take too much time and effort. Enough to reply that we disagree with you. But we're glad you set out this Credo of the Left. It reminds us how Democrats 'think'.

      One point: if terrorists got what they deserve they'd be boiled in oil, or something of the sort.

  • Thank you, Alejandro.

    We are always keen to learn.

    But are you sure you mean 'liberty'?

  • Alejandro

    I feel that through correct reasonable guidance, conservatives can be shown such values as compassion, truth, diversity, human rights, liberty, common welfare, and equality – the values of the left.

    • aeschines

      Alejandro – thank you for contributing to many conversations here. You've made this place very interesting and have done it in a courteous and intelligent manner. Too bad so many of your leftist compatriots don't do the same around here, instead opting for hit and run attacks and blatantly stupid insults. I only wish for you to go into deeper depth to defend your arguments.

      While I think you're wrong most of the time, you do make me think about how best I can defend my positions to people such as yourself.

      Which of these values supersede the others? Do we try to sacrifice truth, liberty, and human rights at the altar of compassion and diversity? Is this how you justify your support of the Islamic thugs which feed upon the world like a parasitic organism?

      I mean no offense by the question: I am just trying to understand what makes you leftists tick. I have no idea how you can rationalize so many things that are so different and contradictory at times.

  • Oh, Alejandro!

    You are invaluable to us. The very voice of Meaning Well and Always Thinking the Best of Others.

    The voice of the Ingenuous – not the more populous Disingenuous – Left.

    I'm interested that you visit our website and feel moved to comment. What is it about us that draws you back time and time again?

  • Alejandro

    It is actually quite true and an established fact that George W. Bush did not actually win the 2000 presidential election. Mrs. Clinton brings up a good point about Jeb Bush. By bringing this up, she shows that we actually relate to Nigeria on a deep level, and are in no way “above” or “better than” Nigeria. It is a brilliant diplomatic tactic. I personally believe as well that it is a sign of humility to be able denigrate one's own country in the face of another. An international rumor has spread that America and Americans are arrogant, which, considering the Bush administration years, is not an entirely unjustified accusation. I am hopeful now, with the Obama administration. What both he and Hilary Clinton are doing is shattering this rumor. It is vital for our international image to do so.