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Noah Pollak writes on the Commentary ‘contentions’ site:

The world’s nuclear weapons watchdog is hiding data on Iran’s drive to obtain nuclear arms … The officials and diplomats said that the International Atomic Energy Agency under Director General Mohamed ElBaradei was refraining from publishing evidence obtained by its inspectors over the past few months that indicate Iran was pursuing information about weaponization efforts and a military nuclear program.

ElBaradei … has said that the agency does not have any evidence that suggests Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.

But … new evidence was submitted to the IAEA in a classified annex written by its inspectors in the Islamic Republic. The report was said to have been signed by the head of the IAEA team in Iran. The classified report, according to the sources, was not incorporated into the agency’s published reports. The details, they said, were censored by senior officials of the IAEA in the organization’s Vienna headquarters.

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  • Alejandro

    One needs to look at the big picture. No country should have an unnecessary weaponry advantage. It that country too much power over their neighbors. For this reason, no country should have nuclear weapons. But the only way to stop a country from trying to get nuclear weapons is by not posing a threat to them in the first place. This is why I agree with our president. If the US abandons its nuclear arsenal, not only will it give us the moral authority to tell Iran to stop pushing to get nuclear weapons, but they will also most likely follow in our footsteps. Israel must do the same as well.

    Most of the posts on this blog assume that humans are innately evil (in this case, the Iranians). This has been shown to be false. As an example, my brother's friend, who has for many years been a prison guard, has found that he can bring out the good in former criminals by simply showing them that what they did was wrong and telling them why it was wrong. That is why torture is wrong for terrorists. It simply acts to further their beliefs that America is evil, which it was when it committed these acts of torture.

    With Obama at Americans head, everything will be much more fair.