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We think it necessary to explain our opinion of Glenn Beck (see post below).

We are not fans. Unlike us, he is sentimental and religious. And we don’t find him in the least bit intellectually impressive.

But we want to give him his due. Largely thanks to him, Van Jones has been forced to resign. Glen Beck has actually become a leading voice for the growing and genuinely grass-roots movement that is resisting Obama’s attempts to turn America socialist. We’d be mighty glad if he gets some more of the Commissars chucked out of the White House. (Although, to look on the bright side, their presence there can do Obama a lot of harm!)

Also, he is bleeding audiences away from lefty TV shows. Three cheers  for that.

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  • Nietrick

    Glenn Beck has, on serveral occasions, actually said that you have to get on your knees before a god or you aren't a good American. As long as religious nutcases are the voice of dissent, we're only putting a bandage on a severed artery. We might be able to hold Obamunism off, but we may well get a theocracy in it's place.

    Still, Beck has the passion that is lacking among the so called ” leaders” of the conservative movement. Kudos to him for leading the charge against Van Jones. Maybe his passion will ignite the revolutionary fires in those with the intellectual power to really lead us out of the pit.

    • Penny

      The “good American” appears on all sides of the political spectrum: as a flag-burner (“dissent is patriotic”), as a supporter of health care reform (“I am my brother's keeper”, Obama), as a taxpayer ( paying more taxes is patriotic – Biden), as a devout Christian, as an secularist internationalist ( the UN should set policy and law for America)… It is no more than an image conjured for getting a political message over quickly. A slogan. “Death Panels” has similar powers. Leaders will emerge to slogan it out with their opponents. And good, bad and ugly Americans must live with the consequences.

  • rogerinflorida

    Agreed on Beck, he does deserve congratulations for outing and (largely) ousting the lunatic Van Jones. But we are still headed to Argentina type economic ruin unless a real change occurs very soon.

  • You couldn't have expressed my opinion of Beck better. From what little I've seen of him, he's a step above O'Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh. Well, half a step, at least. He seems to do less dictating of how people should think and more encouraging them to just think. And he's yet to have Pat Boone as a panelist. I think.

  • Totally agreed. I think Glenn Beck is doing what Media ought to do (or are tasked to do) in a democracy. Kudos to him. I am not his fan either. Never was. He's wrong on so many stuff including Iran, Israel…. ( he gets Ron Paulians to speak about Israel, foreign policy…) but I think he did an excellent job in ousting this raving lunatic Van Jones. Cheers from me too.