America disgraced by its own president 2

From Redstate:

You are probably not surprised to find that Poland and the Czech Republic are not the only loyal and faithful American allies getting screwed by the Obama Administration these days. The ongoing drama in Honduras is an outrage and a disgrace, but not because the Hondurans have done anything wrong. It’s because the Obama administration is actively intervening on behalf of a thug would-be dictator whom the Hondurans properly and legally drove from power.

Shame on you, Barack.

Follow closely, because this is an extremely important and telling example of the kind of foreign policy we are getting from Barack Obama. Let’s review what’s been going on in Honduras this year, and how the Obama administration has come down completely on the side of tyrants, cheaters, and marxists They’ve done it deliberately, and in keeping with their overall global policy of rejecting freedom and snuggling up to the thugs and bandits of the world [remember Iranian protesters after the fraud election? remember soldiers shooting them? remember Obama’s reaction?]…

Honduras is one of the most impoverished countries in central America, but it has been and remains a democratic republic in a region currently overshadowed by several evil dictators who are intent on spreading the evils of drug-money fueled marxism and tyranny to the entire region: Fidel & Raul Castro of Cuba, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, and most of all, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. [A cynic like me might add Daniel Ortega in neighboring Nicaragua to the list, as he’s lobbying to change their constitution to allow him to run for president again.]

Morales, Correa, and Chavez were ALL elected in free elections, then seized power by one means or another, and turned republics into their personal tin-pot dictatorships. In the crisis currently underway, Zelaya tried to do the same thing…

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  • lukeweyland

    Correa, Morales, Chavez, Ortega and Zelaya are all currently serving democratically elected American presidents. They are all servants of the people, dedicated to the betterment of the societies to which they have been elected to both lead and serve.

    We must support them. to do otherwise is to support fascism.

    • C. Gee

      Would you provide evidence of how these aspiring tin-pots are “dedicated to the betterment ” of the societies which elected them, and not their own power? And is their drive to despotism not fascistic? How meaningful will the next election be, if it comes at all, after a Chavez or Zelaya has solidified his hold on all state power and the media? The view that an election turns corrupt societies into free democracies and demagogues into statesmen is a new form of superstition . How stupid to we have to be to support rain dances when we know the rain will never come. Is there a tyrant “serving” his people anywhere on the planet today who has not been elected?