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Barack Mussolini

Benito Obama

Benito Obama

Posted under Miscellaneous by Jillian Becker on Friday, September 25, 2009

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  • Sonoffar

    Maybe this winter O will get one of those cool hats like Benito’s. Might add that to your gift list ehh?

    • George

      Personally I would like to see the bastard  “O”  get impeached if possible . We must vote   that     A**hole  Obama  out of office to save America.    That    good for nothing low life scumbag son of a ^%$#@@!*&^%$%$##@!!*&^$%$#@#!@!!     is destroying America .    That socialist dirtbag poor excuse for a president is the worst thing  ( in my opinion ) that ever happened to America.    How could any intelligent human being with at least one brain cell in their head vote for that    *&^%$#@!*&^%$#@!*&^%$#@!*&^%$#@!*&^%$#@#!*&^%$$##@    ?        Someone please explain that to me !

      • George

        In continuation to previous post————————–
                        So many liberal people have been drinking the new bran of soft drink on the market.  No , it’s not    Kool  Aid   , It’s Fool  Aid.      Thanks to the anti-American president that hoodwinked so many Americans to vote for him.     Obama is no dummy. He is well aware of what he is doing.  Barack Marxist  Obama  said during his campaign that he was going to transform America  ——————–well  , he didn’t lie —HE DID !!!!!!!          He is transforming  America  into becoming a third world , socialist nation ——– and the stupid liberals are dancing with joy. Go freakin’ figure !!!! 

  • George

    You’re right Jdbey .  President Osama ( ooops, I meant to say Obama  ) : oh well Osama-Obama , what’s the difference ?  Obama makes this  “I’m the elitist ”  pose and I also have seen  that pose B4.   Obama thinks his radical liberal leftist-socialist agenda is what’s best for our society and yet here we have this one man who is screwing up American society and turning our allies against us in IMHO.  Obama kisses the a** of our enemies and panders to them yet has caused such a rift between America and our allies while flying around the Middle East on AirFarce One.  How did this naked- neo Marxist become our president ?    He became our president because so many people in America want something for nothing   and have embraced this entitlement mentality as well as a bunch of societal  losers who want to sit on their butts and accept handouts from the government  because they have lost ( or never had ) any self-pride, self-worth, a work ethic, a motivation to succeed , a strong sense of perseverence, integrity, honor, self -responsibility  and pride in the value of family and country.
                           Obama represents IMHO the moochers, losers, miscreants, misfits, deadbeats, rift-raft ,  and anti-American vermin who feels that everybody owes them something .  They got what they asked for but the real problem is that the rest of us got what we DID’NT ask for.   By the way–I’d like to ask all you hoodwinked suckers out there who voted for  President Otrauma  —      Look all around you and observe our economy,  the unemployment rising, falling dollar, and government corruption galore  and tell me how you like it.  Is this what you voted for ?        Oh and one more thing—————-  How’s that HOPE & CHANGE  working out for you now ?  What a bunch of brainwashed stupid fool dummies !!!!!!!!!    It’s time to vote these scoundrels out of office ! Gee , have I offended some liberals out there for saying this ?  Well if I did then good !  I’m glad. I don’t care.  Our country is being destroyed, our allies are hating us , our future is being  put in jeopardy,  our national security is being weakened perpetually and I’m expected to be so “sensitive” about the feelings of liberals and walk on “eggshells’ about what I say.  Well bite me !   Yeah, I’ve got an attitude problem, and the problem is the scum in Washington D.C who is ruining our great nation and what America stands for.  How’s that for insensitivity ?

  • Jdbey

    I saw “Benito Obama’ s” favortie pose as strikingly similar to the poses of Mussolini seen so often in the Warner-Pathe News in movie theaters during the little scuffle known as WWII. Both are the faces of Facism. If you don’t know the tenents of Fascism, try it out in your search engine. Being informed beyond the ‘sound bite’ level is not as painful as it seems.

  • montylc2001

    incredible…..and thank you. Obama has reminded me of another politico for so long but could not make the connection…and this just did….

  • You're a racist… 😉

    Obama's era reminds me of 1980s Iran….

  • zerothruster

    The snotty punk obviously has a gift — as he himself once told Harry Reid.

  • C. Gee

    What does the raised jaw mean in body-language? Pugnaciousness? Superiority (making oneself taller than the crowd)? Masculinity? Courage? Steadfastness? Far-sightedness? Arrogance? Jackass? A picture says a thousand words.