Thanks 5

On this Thanksgiving Day, we at The Atheist Conservative thank our readers for their interest in what we have to say. What would the use of us be without you?

We thank all our commenters for their agreement, disagreement, endorsements, additions, corrections, and arguments. You contribute significantly to the value of our website.

We wish you a happy holiday and fine feasting.

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  • rogerinflorida

    I love this blog too.
    Here we have free discussion of issues, we don't insult each other, we get a variety of posts to comment on, and we have a genuine freedom fighter, Jillian Becker, who posts great articles for our consideration and comment. I thank C. Gee and Winston and all the others who make this a great meeting place.
    We are all busy people and I know I want to comment on more than I do, but I have a business to run and sometimes I just have not got the time.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all and have a great Christmas (yes I am an atheist but Christmas is Christmas).
    re; your post “36 arguments etc.” I am still thinking about it, this is a very complex subject, I do have a comment but I have to order my thoughts. I look forward to discussion. Didn't we have some confirmed Christians reading and commenting? I would love to hear from them.

    • rogerinflorida, you've contributed more than any other commenter, and we appreciate it very much, as we do these kind words of yours. We look forward to any and all of your future comments.

      Businessmen are the main strength of a free economy, and most threatened by socialist ideologues of the sort that are fumblingly and dangerously in power now. We hope that despite the difficult circumstances they've created you achieve great success.

  • bm

    Here in Los Angeles it is Thanksgiving Evening. Thank you for the blog and my best wishes to you all. Yes, atheist conservative blog is what helps keep me sane!

  • Alejandro

    Happy thanksgiving! This thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for.

  • stevej478

    Thank you all. There was a time when I felt as if I were alone in being an atheist conservative. I love this blog.