In proportion 2

We took this map from Dry Bones, the Israeli cartoonist. The Islamic states colored yellow all passionately desire the elimination of Israel. Turkey is warming its diplomatic relations with Iran. Iran is not only actively building up its own military power, including a nuclear capability, but also arming proxy forces on Israel’s borders in Lebanon and Gaza. Two more neighboring Islamic states, ostensibly less aggressive towards Israel but in fact no less desirous of its destruction, are Jordan and Egypt. Beyond Jordan lies ruthlessly jihadist Saudi Arabia. Now imagine the whole of Europe as equally hostile Muslim territory, as it almost certainly will be in just a few decades from now. Bear in mind that the present decider-in-chief of US foreign policy is the son of a Muslim, emotionally pro-Islam, and reluctant to take any action to prevent Iran becoming a nuclear-armed power. What are the odds that the tiny sliver of a state called Israel will survive to the end of this century, do you think?

map of Iranian influence

  • To answer your question, it may help that Israel has the US-backed 3rd more virulent army in the world, nuclear weapons, and is not a signatory of the NPT that we make most other members be a party to. The Israeli lobby is strong in the US, and the US since the Bush II administration has adopted the policy of 'right or wrong, we support Israel.' With the US as it's loyal backer, don't worry, Israel and its human rights violations will be around for quite some time.

  • aeschines

    Is it me, or do the highlighted countries look like a monster trying to eat Israel?