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Svetlana Kunin, a Russian immigrant, observes the damage that is being done to all that’s best in America by the rise of the left with its ‘political correctness’.  She writes in the Investor’s Business Daily:

I look at the people who support the transformation of America in disbelief: They are destroying the very land that gave them so much opportunity.

Groomed, well-fed and educated, comfortably living in a prosperous society, they need a mission to give meaning to their lives. These “fighters for the less-fortunate among us” glaze over the fact that hundreds of millions of people from around the world desperately try to come to this country for all it offers, regardless of their economic status, race, class, or gender.

Immigrants rightly see this country as the best place to obtain a decent life for themselves and their families.

When I immigrated to America in 1980, I was overwhelmed with the amount of food and goods available at any store, at the numerous charitable organizations helping the needy, and even the government programs that helped people to obtain necessary skills to find a job.

Later, I realized that the country was in the midst of a deep recession. Compared to where I came from, it seemed like the pinnacle of prosperity.

As a secular Soviet Jew, my first Christmas in America was amazing. The proud display of religious symbols was a celebration not only of the holiday, but of a population free to express their beliefs without fear of oppression. I understand why at the beginning of the 20th century Jewish immigrants in America wrote many beautiful Christmas songs; these songs were born out of grateful hearts. Churches and synagogues coexist without issues. Nobody is forced to practice or not practice a religion.

Soon, however, I noticed darker aspects underlying life in America. Political correctness had seeped into everything like cancer. Under the pretense of multicultural diversity, suppression and intolerance of uniquely American traditions such as liberty, private property, and e pluribus unum (out of many, one), became not only acceptable, but necessary in supposedly enlightened society.

Under the pretext of helping the needy, liberals eliminate people’s drive to better themselves and their families. Instead, they obsess about events of the past and exacerbate the victim mentality in the very people they claim to help.

The stranglehold of political correctness has only grown stronger. I see in today’s governmental policies a replication of the very things I escaped from.

In the USSR, representatives of the Communist party — partorgs (literally: party organizers) — were ingrained into every aspect of civilian, official and military life. These political organizers controlled public order by observing the behavior and speech of every citizen. …

Government-controlled medical care and poorly compensated medical personnel stimulated corruption at every level of service. People had to resort to bribery in order to get the help they needed, and underpaid medical personnel were open to the payouts. Those who could not pay had to beg for help. The only hospitals comparable to American hospitals were in Moscow and a few other cities, where government officials were treated. In the rest of the country, medical care was substandard. This was the reality of free health care for everyone. …

Read it all here.

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  • rogerinflorida

    C. Gee
    you are definitely juvenile

  • Mike, I've restored all your comments and they appear now. However, I've blacklisted you – you won't be commenting here again. We invite discussion, especially with those of differing opinions, but we won't tolerate personal attacks. It's low, and lowers the quality of our blog if we post it.

    As for your comment, roger in florida, we don't have a rule against 'criticizing Jews or Jewry' – you've criticized them yourself before. We don't censor our comments unless they sink to Mike's level of personal attacks and outright racism.

  • rogerinflorida

    Apparently the cardinal rule here is that you cannot criticise Jews or Jewry. Mike obviously has very strong feelings about Jews, perhaps he has a point. Socialism is a directly Jewish construct. Lenin and the communists were sent into Russia from Germany, with funding from the German Govt. and who knows what other organisations. They were sent to destabilize Russia, a plan that worked extremely well. Marxism had no home in the US until the massive immigration of Russian Jews in the first part of the 20th Century. There is excellent scholarship available on the (successful) campaign by Jews to undermine the Anglo US and replace it with a weakened tower of babel. The main method by which this weakening has been achieved is to work for massive third world immigration into the US, this destroys the host society in which the Jewish community lives, why would this be advantageous? Because the Jews know that they, as a closed, tribal community become stronger as the host is weakened. They understand that because Jews are on average the most intelligent of all the racial/ethnix groups they will become the elite, weakening the host reduces competition . They don't much care about falling standards in Public schools, most Jewish children go to private schools, neither are they concerned about the collapse of white working class neighborhoods due to the results of third world immigration, most Jews live in rich areas where the only sign of this invasion is that maids and gardeners are much cheaper.
    Why do Jews do this? My theory is that it springs from the essentially rational Jewish religion, which summed up in one sentence may be: “Fuck the Goy, before the Goy Fuck you”.
    I admire Jewish rationality, as I have said in previous comments, and have tremendous respect for Jewish learning, discipline and achievement, but Jews are an amoral crowd, right and wrong mean nothing, particularly when dealing with Goy. For every Albert Schweitzer there are a thousand Bernie Madoffs. Jewish involvement in white collar crime is the stuff of legends. Amazing how much of the World's porn business is headquartered in Israel.
    aeschines made a comment in a reply to me on another post, he said: “Can we agree that there is right and wrong regardless of time”. I thought that was a drastic oversimplification from someone who seems pretty bright. The fact is that right and wong have nothing to do with it, interests, agendas and advantage are what makes the world go round.
    The Jews have an agenda and they pursue it with discipline, bravo for them!
    Apparently the Anglo, white, non Jewish European community does not have an agenda, or now even a recognizable identity, certainly nothing we seem willing to fight for, no shared history we are proud of, no principles that distinguish from us from the third world rabble, so we do nothing but march obediently to our demise.
    Speaking for myself I would like to hear what Mike has to say, but it is your blog.

    • C. Gee

      You really did not miss a single protocol, did you? From your comment we learn:

      Jews undermine the host country.
      Jews infiltrate cosmopolitan, foreign ideologies to corrupt the host country's traditions.
      Jews have divided loyalty.
      Jews have an agenda to rule the world.
      Jews are rich.
      Jews are money grubbing.
      Jews are shrewd, clever, manipulating.
      Jews are amoral.
      Jews tend to be criminal financiers.
      Jews are for their own tribe and against everybody else.
      Jews insinuate themselves into leadership and make policy in their own interests.
      Judaism is an ideology that tells the Jews to be like this.

      Yet you admire these Jews, and would wish Anglos, whites and gentile Europe to emulate their agenda, their pride in shared history and sense of identity, so that they can fight for a future.

      This is the “criticism” of Jewry that most Jews are very familiar with. It is outright “racism”. The fact that you admire this race you have depicted does not shield you from that accusation.

      Enough. Shame on you.

      • rogerinflorida

        No C. Gee, shame on you!
        Instead of addressing what I said you respond with a scurrilous accusation of racism.
        Respond to this statement: “Differences between Ashkenazi Jews and Kalahari Bushmen can be explained entirely by the environmental conditions they live in”.
        If you disagree with this you are a racist.
        If you agree with this you are a fool.
        Nice little dig about “Protocols”, I suppose you are referring to “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

        A few posts ago there were a couple of interesting comments about the Israeli economy and the state of Detroit.
        Were you to conduct a test of the IQs of all Israeli Jewish citizens the average would be approaching 120. This means that there are thousands of Israeli Jewish citizens with IQs over the 130 level where we find the brilliant engineers, scientists, mathematicians, doctors and great thinkers in all disciplines.
        Were you to conduct the same test in Detroit you would be lucky to have an average IQ exceeding 90. This means that the majority of the population of Detroit are functionally illiterate and innumerate. There is no combination of enterprise zones, tax free zones, international trade enclaves, etc. that will ever get Detroit back to prosperity, it has literally become an African city.
        Israel on the hand has the human capital necessary to prosper, although it is worth noting that even with the human capital it has, the israeli economy was struggling under the collectivist Labor party.
        Why shouldn't Jews defend themselves? Why shouldn't they influence politics to their advantage? Isn't that what politics is about?
        To deny that this happens is juvenile, worse than that it is ignorant.
        Your accusation of racism is what I what I would expect from some cretin on Daily Kos or Huffington Post.

        • C. Gee

          This is bluster.
          My summary of your comment stands.

  • rogerinflorida

    Thank you for your contribution.
    You are definitely not one of the “Sheeple”.

    • Micromike123

      Please, see my response to your and C. Gee's comments posted above. Thank you for your kind words.

      • Micromike123

        Russian Immigrant's Perspective: the truth has been spoken.

        One should go to the 4th opus by Madame Kunin to see WHY she hates everything Soviet (one should read – Russian) so much. In the 4th of her opuses so readily published by IBD (…) she finally reveals the truth: she is not a “Russian immigrant”! Madame Kunin identifies herself as a “secular Soviet Jew”.

        Now, one must really know well Russian and Soviet history to realize how twisted the structure of the country really was. While the official propaganda was declaring equal rights for all nations, there were quotes for different nationalities' ability to receive education, to get a job etc. While the Soviet Jews were officially equal to others, they were seemingly repressed – and the rumors of their repression were used by those who were trying to collapse the Soviet regime.

        At the same time, the massive extermination (genocide) of Russian Cossacks was an act of the Soviet government, initiated and signed by the country's leader Gaukhman-Sverdlov (one must not be confused: while Sverdlov's official position was an equivalent of a president, Lenin was having a chair of what would be called a prime minister). Thousands and thousands of Cossacks and their families were slaughtered by the signature of a Jew Gaukhman-Sverdlov.

        Bottom line is that while many Soviet Jews were indeed repressed, perhaps as many were carrying leading positions in the Soviet government, science, arts etc. Of course, the idea of being repressed and suffering from the “evil Russians” was cherished and nourished by short-minded and bitter-heart Soviet Jews. I recall one winter evening when I was a guest of my Jewish friends in Moscow, a very nice and intelligent family. They were preparing their “escape to America” and filling out some forms. The lady of the house was extremely disturbed: one of the form's positions was asking to describe how she was repressed, and she couldn't remember a single example – so she was creating some. Of course, at the same time there were many people of Jewish nationality repressed in the former Soviet Union – not because they were Jews, but because it was a part of the governmental policy: after all, it is much easier to rule the country which people are not united and fight each other – smart move.

        Now, what we have is more than a handful of people like Madame Kunin who “escaped the evil Soviet Union” and cannot stop in their bragging, totally forgetting that the country they “escaped” gave them high quality education, dinner on the table, friends, etc. etc. etc.

        Madame Kunin continues in her 4th “opus”: “In the USSR, representatives of the Communist party — partorgs (literally: party organizers) — were ingrained into every aspect of civilian, official and military life. These political organizers controlled public order by observing the behavior and speech of every citizen.People who wanted a more secure and privileged life found it necessary to join the propaganda machine. In order to survive, citizens were silent out of fear of retaliation by the authorities.” Now, isn't it true that we have the same in the U.S.? Isn't it true that each new administration (read: another party at the steering wheel) brings its own leaders to the government and other places? I also wonder why Madame Kunin forgot of many famous Soviet people who were not even the Communist Party members while holding the leading positions – such as Academician Mikulin, the nephew of Zhukovsky. Academician Mikulin was a pioneer in construction and engineering of aircraft's engines and became a Communist Party member at the very end of his life and professional career.

        Regretfully, too many people do not see Madame Kunin's real face: she is dirty bragging about the country where she was born, and she continues her dirty bragging about the country that became her family's new home. Is there a single positive word in Madame Kunin's 4 “opuses”? Is there a single suggestion, advice or word of wisdom in what she is saying? The answer is NO. Madame Kunin is bragging just for the sake of spitting the dirt, not only on Russia but also on America.

        Regretfully, I know people like Madame Kunin way too well – these “former Sovier secular Jews”:

        What makes me particularly upset is the fact that many Americans will judge about Russia and Russian people only by publications of Madame Kunin and alike. Ultimately, these publications serve one purpose: destruction, anger and hate.

        We must ask ourselves if this is what we really want…

        • Micromike123 – Yes, we generally allow anyone to say anything(unless it should get us into trouble with the law) because we believe in freedom. We know that when people express their views they expose themselves for what they are. That is what you have done, twice now, and at length. Your screeds are not worth answering in any detail. They're total garbage. Now let me be perfectly clear. We loathe the Soviet Union and everything it stands for. You reveal yourself to be nothing more than a contemptible anti-Semite, and we duly despise you for it. We are repelled by your remarks about Svetlana Kunin. We know that she is right and you are wrong. You utterly mistook C. Gee's meaning. C.Gee was being ironic. Anyone who enjoys the hospitality of the United States and then chooses to denigrate it as you do, while lauding the utterly atrocious Soviet regime, is worthy of nothing but scorn and disgust. C. Gee expressed disgust sarcastically, but you are too dense to see that. Your stupidity shows itself in the views you hold. You have now had your say, and although we prefer not to censor, we'll not again allow you to use our site as a forum for your spite.

  • philabor

    Great article. I plan to forward it to my children who just graduated from (conservative christian) college with a strong liberal bias.

  • Micromike123

    Russian Immigrant's Perspective: a big lie for naïve Americans

    Few days ago, I received an e-mail message from one of my long time correspondents, a Russian gentleman who was born in Russia but left the country with his parents soon after the sad events of 1917. He never visited Russia and the only opinion he can make is based on what other people say.

    The above mentioned letter came with a PDF file attached. This file contained three “opuses” by Madame Kunin, which were published on-line:

    I was so emotionally distressed by Madame Kunin's negativism that decided to answer her “opuses” almost sentence by sentence. I did not address her negative attitude towards current U.S. administration but focused entirely on her dirty bragging about the Soviet Union. If to put it short, Madame Kunin has a very bad breath which is caused not by gingivitis but by one feeling which dominates her soul: HATE.

    I am extremely hesitant calling this person “Russian” immigrant. The one who hates everything related to his/her home country does not deserve to be called Russian. There was not a single positive word in this river of dirt that came from the mouth of this person, only criticism for the sake of criticism ‐ and there were many things in this river of dirt that were twisted or deliberately misrepresented, to put it mild. Not to mention that the writing style of Madame Kunin is very poor and I wonder who is the editor responsible for publication of this ridiculously low quality bragging which resembles the time of a witch hunting.

    Here are just some examples:
    1. Yes, we did sing the song about Lenin ‐ but who would blame the British kids for singing “God save the Queen”? I wouldn't!
    2. Yes, we did learn about the “beauty of socialism”, but it was the American teacher who first told my son that Americans won WWII, and called him after the class to whisper that she knows the truth and it was Russians, but they are told to teach this way.
    3. Being a biologist, I cannot comprehend this comparison with the way wolves are “treated” (sic!) in the wilderness.
    4. Life in the USSR did not model the “socialist ideal” ‐ simply because it was built on different from ideal concepts.
    5. Far from every factory worker was making 30‐50% more than the “intellectual labor” individual. Also, everyone was free to choose whether to go to the university or to the factory. Nobody was forced to become a doctor or a teacher. The same is here, in the U.S.: I am teaching at the university and getting a 9‐month salary while I could have been working for an industry and make twice as much (I was getting such offers) ‐ and it was my choice to do the job I love and not to go for some bigger money.
    6. Madame Kunin is a liar: there were a handful of mechanisms to improve the person's life.
    7. According to Madame Kunin, all Soviet professionals were alcoholics. One of my grandmothers was a M.D., chief pediatrician of the Astrakhan Region; she served as a Major of Medical Service during WWII. Her husband, my grandfather, was a 1st Rank Navy Engineer (equivalent of Captain in the U.S. Navy); he served as the Chief Mechanic of the Caspian Sea Fleet until retired. My father was an engineer-metallurgist and Chief Metallurgist at the Metallurgical Factory, and my mother was a Chief Architect. The grandmother from my mother's side was an economist and her husband, my grandfather was a radio‐engineer before WWII, lost his left leg during the war, and was still professionally active until retired. Not a single member of my family was an alcoholic. None of our neighbors and friends were alcoholics.
    8. It is difficult to raise children ‐ everywhere. However, I wonder why this bad-breath Madame Kunin is saying nothing about the nurseries, kindergartens, pre-schools etc. which were available for the children in the Soviet Union? Why is she “forgetting” about the enormously‐long (compare to the “evil world of capitalism”) PAID maternity leave? World is not the same (forgive my cliche!). For instance, every Belgian family is getting substantial monetary support from the government ‐ for each kid, and if there are 4+ kids in the family, they are getting a person to help them with the kids (free of charge!). Now, we don't have it in the U.S. of A. ‐ so does it mean that the American system is “evil”?! Let us hold this angry Madame Kunin from racing any further!
    9. Yes, there was a right for abortion ‐ and one can argue whether it is good or bad, but how it relates to the story about the “evil USSR”?!
    10. Now, this is the thing that is really killing me: “comparative historical reality”?! What kind of terminology is that?!smile
    11. The “Socialist Revolution” was NOT a “march for the worker's paradise” ‐ it was an act of terror organized and orchestrated by the small group of Jewish extremists, paid by German and American intelligent services and industrialists. PERIOD.
    12. Hmmm.. “everyone is poor except for those who are in charge of redistribution”… in other words, except for the people with power.. but.. wait.. isn't it the same here, in the land of paradise, the U.S. of A.? The person is leaving the White House and “accidentally” taking with him a lot of things which don't belong to him ‐ we call it STEALING and prosecute such person to the whole severity of the LAW, but.. not the one who has some real power and comes from “certain circles”… Madame Kunin is either blind or deliberately refuses to see the truth: people are the same everywhere, and the only difference is in the way they behave: it is more civilized in the U.S. and more barbaric in the USSR, but the nature of the people's behavior is the same!
    13. I can tell a lot about “unsanitary” and “low‐tech” medical care ‐ both in the Soviet Union and in the nowadays America. But of course, Madame Kunin pretends not to see it.
    14. Once again I rest my case: “government‐controlled health care destroyed human dignity”??!!! What kind of sick‐mind demagogic full of crap person will write something like that and what kind of a similar professional qualities individual will publish something like that?…
    15. Freedoms of America… let us not to forget about genocide of the Native Americans, slavery of the Chinese workers, concentration camps filled with Japanese Americans, years of witch hunt and propaganda… yeah….
    16. What kind of “average immigrant” Madame Kunin is talking about? The one that lives in Brooklyn, the one who used to be involved in dirty black market economy in the Soviet Union, the one who is bragging about being a victim of political system while being just a simple criminal? These are the many of ex‐Soviet Brooklyn. They don't work ‐ officially. So, they spend our many, the taxpayers’ money, while working all their lives for cash. They live in apartments provided by the government on our, tax‐payers' money. Are these the people she is talking about?
    17. I am not going to elaborate on the “bankruptcy of socialism”. It didn't bankrupt. It was destroyed by ex‐KGB, with heavy support from the Western intelligent services ‐ for the sake of keeping the majority of the country's money and gold in the hands of KGB connected and related individuals.
    18. “Only the ruling class of communist leaders had access to special stores…” Well, I do know for fact that pretty similar “system of distribution” exists in the world of capitalism.
    19. Here is another pearl: “The egalitarian utopia of equality, achieved by the sacrifice of individual self‐interest for the collective good, led to corruption, black markets, anger and envy.” Now, I wonder what led to “corruption, black markets, anger and envy” in the world of capitalism? And, please, don’t say that we don’t have it!
    20. Madame Kunin says: “USSR, 1959: I am a “young pioneer” in school.” I don’t recall any “old pioneers”.
    21. She continues by saying that “History classes remind us that there is a higher authority than their
    parents and teachers: the leaders of the Communist Party.” Well, I am pretty sure that the U.S. President is also the higher authority than grandpa John Smith.
    22. Madame Kunin is bragging further: “From the first year in school, all of us are made aware of our
    ethnicity (ethnic Russian, Jewish, Asian, etc.) and class (proletariat, intelligentsia), around which society is structured. This inherent divisiveness makes it easy for the government to stir ethnic and class tension and in this way distract from economic failure.” I am not sure about “all of us” but my parents were told by my head teacher that at the age of 9 I didn’t know about ethnicities. Also, “intelligentsia” was never determined as a class – I doubt Madame Kunin had good grades at school.
    23. Madame Kunin complains that “All workers are unionized — another way the state controls the citizens.” I am not sure about the whole country – however, I was told that I MUST join the union – not in the Soviet Union but here, in the U.S.
    24. Madame Kunin purposelessly postulates that “All medical care and schools are state entities.” I cannot comment on this matter.
    25. Madame Kunin is crying: “Religious symbols are forbidden in schools or on state property.” If I am not mistaken, in the U.S. church is separated from the state. However, what makes my skin itching is a huge number of Masonic symbols on each and every road, next to the official traffic signs here, in the U.S. I wonder why do we have so many of them?
    26. Madame Kunin continues with her complaint about the state having “strict control over our ability to travel abroad.” Now, I wonder if every American can freely visit Cuba – with no consequences.

    Yes, I am a former Soviet scientist who is currently working in the U.S. Yes, some of my family were repressed and killed by the Communist regime ‐ just because they were from the other side of the barricade. I left my home country in 1990 at the age of 30 while holding a position of a Senior Researcher, to conduct a two year study in The Netherlands ‐ just before Gorby, The Devil, received his 30 silver coins for destroying the Empire. I did not come back ‐ not because of any political motives but because nobody needed scientists in the “new” Russia, and science and teaching are the only things I know how to do well. And, I have a family to support ‐ as simple as that. While disagreeing with many things from my past, while having negative opinion on many political matters in the USSR and modern Russia, I would never say a single dirty word about my Motherland ‐ that is because I HAVE a Motherland, while Madame Kunin does not have one.

    Warm regards,
    The Russian, scientist, educator, non-alcoholic.
    P.S. I am pretty sure that the editor in charge of Madame Kunin's pearls is a smart individual. the question remains: WHY s/he decided to publish it? What was the goal, the purpose? What exactly this person was trying to achieve?…

    • C. Gee

      It is rare to find such passionate patriotism among emigre Russians – or expatriates of any nationality for that matter.

      • Micromike123

        I would like to use this opportunity to thank C. Gee and rogerinflorida for their kind words. Please, don't get me wrong: I am not against critique, but it has to be positive and constructive. While constructive criticism contributes to the society's progress, the dirty criticism of Madame Kunin and alike contributes to anarchy and to all kind of dirty politics. I would like to also use this opportunity to thank The Atheist Conservative's staff for being open-minded and for allowing me to express my feelings, for letting me to speak the truth. Regretfully, the editor in charge of publishing Madame Kunin's bragging never responded to my messages. Moreover, some of the sites that initially posted my comment, have it now removed from their pages:
        What it tells me is that there is a truth and … perhaps “another truth”?
        I don't know why this web site is called “The Atheist Conservative”. While being a believer myself (I am a Russian Orthodox), I think that most important is not the person's religion but what this person has in his/her heart. After all, we can say that Atheism is also a form of religion :).

        I expressed my thoughts on religion and ethnicity here:

        As for Madame Kunin – I am very sorry for her: person with so much hate and bitterness cannot be happy…