Shock therapy 3

Thanks to one of our (highly critical) readers who sent it to us, here is a cheerful message for the new year, written by Howard Golganov:


No politician has ever done America and the Free World a greater SERVICE, than has Barack Hussein Obama and the FOOLS who elected him.


For more than a couple of generations, North America has been sliding slowly but surely towards creeping socialism, where even our ‘pretend’ Conservatives have been playing the game.

Two perfect examples include President George W Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Prime Minister Stephen Harper, both of whom increased spending, their respective debts, and the size of their respective governments.

Even ‘pretend’ Conservative leaders have been chipping away at INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, while imposing more and more regulations and bureaucracy.

Had Barack Hussein Obama not come along when he did, this trend to the LEFT, especially to the FAR LEFT would have continued without any REAL abatement, option, or alternative in sight.

But, because of Obama and the extraordinarily horrible people he is aligned with inside and outside of government, the shift to the LEFT that would have taken much longer has in fact EXPLODED overnight.

Had the move to the LEFT continued unabated, I sincerely believe that not only would our economies have crashed, but also, we would have lost our individual RIGHTS, which would have been irretrievable without some form of serious conflict.

Perhaps even a civil war between the RIGHT and the LEFT.

But, this SHOCK THERAPY courtesy of Obama has been a clarion wake-up call. And because of it, strong Conservative leaders have emerged before it became too late.

Even MODERATE LIBERALS are having serious sober second thoughts about the direction in which the LEFT are dragging the USA. So much so, that even they can see the edge of the precipice Obama and his coterie of co-conspirators are running hell bent to jump off of.

Here is a prediction that takes very little prognosticative skills:

Not ONLY will Obama go down in history as the WORST President ever. Even making Carter look less horrible than he actually was. Obama will go down as the MOST HATED PRESIDENT EVER.

Because of Obama, who has managed to screw everything up in less than one full year, making his LEFT base upset, losing all of his moderate and independent supporters, taking a Nobel Peace Prize while making war, and bringing America and the entire world to the brink of bankruptcy, THE AMERICAN LEFT WILL BE CRUSHED for a long time to come.

Sometimes we just don’t know how good we have it until something REALLY BAD happens to take it all away. Obama is that something REALLY BAD that has happened.

So, to all of you folk who write to me in tones of DESPAIR – Despair not.


Nice. We follow his argument and we hope he’s right. Only we’re not so sure about the strong Conservative leaders he says have emerged. Who are they?

If he means, for instance, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, they’re doing a splendid job as providers of information that the mainstream media would rather keep hidden; and they are certainly leaders of public opinion which can influence policy decisions; but they are not likely to become policy makers themselves. If he means Sarah Palin he may be right. Anyone else?

  • philabor

    I hope you're right. The frog in hot water just got dumped into boiling oil. Maybe he can jump out before he's a frog fritter.

  • Bill

    Each time I listen to Sarah Palin or Sean Hannity talk about getting tough with terrorists and about wanting to shrink the size of government I get encouraged and stand up tall. Then this all goes to pieces when they say America should turn back to God. The hammer smashes me. We cannot fight terrorism and shrink government while turning to someone's specific definition of “imaginary friend,” particularly with their interpretation of the scripture, which could be the very violent fundamentalist interpretation.

    Take Ronald Reagan's first Dept. of Interior James Watt: “If you believe in Armageddon, you don't need to save the planet.”

    While I am certainly no tree hugger and I'm certainly not a subscriber to the “global warming” hoax, I would be scared to have some crazed Christian closet fundie push the red button because it will help his imaginary friend bring on Armageddon.

    So who is out there in non-religious agnostic/atheist conservative land who is famous and can out themselves as a wicked atheist?

    Remember, a poll of Americans regard atheists as least trustworth, not even as trustworthy as gays. Our conservative brothers and sisters think we are evil and that we atheist conservatives cannot be conservative as long as we are Godless!

    • C. Gee

      “So who is out there in non-religious agnostic/atheist conservative land who is famous and can out themselves as a wicked atheist?”

      Very important question. I cannot think of such a person. Sadly, it would probably be political suicide for a conservative candidate to admit to atheism. If asked, “Do you believe in God?”, the best such a candidate could do would be to say, “No, but I do not presume to tell other people that they should not believe in God, or practice religion.” But I think that conservative candidates – whether or not they actually believe – will claim some sort church affiliation and ignore or avoid direct statements about the existence of God. Taking refuge in “agnosticism” will not help to woo the devout who look for God-fearing representatives .

      There is a difference between standing as an atheist, and standing as a conservative who happens to be atheist. From our point of view, standing as an atheist would be meaningless politically. Not believing in God does not by its own logic lead to any given political position. (Although conservatism has its own logic.) I am sure that there are many closeted atheists on both sides of the aisle. As things stand at the moment, though, the only declared atheists would be far left, or libertarian, and I do not see either the Socialist Party (distinct from the Democrat Party in its openly confessing its socialism) or the Libertarians taking power.

      The atheist conservative will have to evaluate each conservative candidate for how he would use the powers of government to legislate religious beliefs. If creationism in science class were a central part of his proposed policies , he would not be a good choice for representative, but if the opposition candidate were to propose AGW as part of science class, and carbon taxes, cap-and-trade , and mandatory “lifestyle” changes to boot, then I would vote for the former.

      At this site, we are trying to make the case that belief in God does not ipso facto make one more moral, a truer American, or more trustworthy, but that belief in Government most definitely does makes one less moral, less true to American ideals and far less trustworthy. We have no problem saying that there is no God, and Government is a false one. And at least religious conservatives would agree with the second proposition.