The evil that Greenpeace does 20

Speaking of self-righteous busybodies – which we were below, see On our masters and commanders – one of the most egregious is Greenpeace. Wielding  amazing power to influence political decisions internationally, these bigoted prigs cause millions of the world’s poorest to die by preventing them from having the means to save themselves. Their unproven and in any case imbecilic excuse is that the marvelous saving products of science and technology are harmful to Nature.

It could be argued – and we do – that they are committing mass-murder by moral arrogance.

Who makes it possible for them to work their evil?

For one, the Obama administration.

Paul Driessen writes at Townhall:

Climate-Czar Carol Browner and other federal agency heads continue to fork over large sums of taxpayer money to Greenpeace and similar eco-activists, to subsidize their anti-corporate, global warming, “sustainable” energy and regulatory thumbscrew campaigns… [Greenpeace’s] truly odious ethical violations, however, involve activities that directly damage the livelihoods and lives of innocent people, particularly in impoverished countries.

Greenpeace justifies its anti-energy ideologies by claiming they are preserving rivers, avoiding dangerous radiation and preventing “runaway” global warming… Even in the midst of a global cooling period and widening Climategate scandal, Greenpeace is still clinging to its tired fabrications and storylines…

In Britain, France and elsewhere, Greenpeace vandals have destroyed bio-engineered crops, wiping out millions of dollars in research to develop food plants that require fewer pesticides, are more nutritious, reduce dangerous mold toxins, withstand floods and droughts, and increase crop yields. The people who would benefit most from this research are the poorest, most malnourished on Earth. They could improve their lives, simply by planting different, better corn, cotton or soybean seeds..

In fact, Bt corn [where it has been used despite Greenpeace’s opposition] has enabled farmers [eg in South Africa] … to cut pesticide use and expenses by 75%, triple their profits, save 35-49 days per season working in fields, and save enough to buy a refrigerator or even a new house. And yet rich-country Greenpeace activists oppose the technology.

Greenpeace campaigns against insecticides and insect-repelling DDT are even more lethal. These chemicals could prevent malaria, which kills a million people annually and leaves millions more brain-damaged…

But Greenpeace claims “some researchers think” DDT “could be inhibiting lactation because of its estrogen-like effects and may be contributing to lactation failure throughout the world.” No peer-reviewed medical studies back up these claims, and lactation problems are definitely associated with the malaria and malnutrition that would be reduced by technologies the Warriors oppose.

Worldwide, 1.5 billion people still don’t have electricity for lights, refrigerators, stoves, schools, shops, hospitals and factories that would bring health, opportunity and prosperity. Yet Greenpeace continues to battle hydrocarbon, hydroelectric and nuclear power, telling people they should be content with solar panels or wind turbines that provide intermittent, insufficient energy – and guarantee sustained poverty.

It was Paul Driessen’s Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) that last December, during the farcical UN climate conference in Copenhagen, ‘unfurled a “Propaganda Warrior” banner from the rails of the Rainbow Warrior ship, and a “Ship of Lies” banner from Greenpeace’s other vessel, the Arctic Sunrise, as they lay anchored in Copenhagen harbor’.

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  • Ugh…

    I just read about Greenpeace’s protest against funding for nuclear fusion… I… I hate these guys so much…

  • Nine

    Greenpeace always say “Do not do this, do not do that” but in the end, they use vehicles run on patrol. They use electricity from main. Greenpeace (or piss) always cries about what pollutes what but at the end they never come up with a solution or an idea to replace something like nuke power plants. Yes they are dangerous. But what about the countries that cannot build a dam or solar farm due to lack of land? Take a look at South Korea. They need power but they cannot really put wind turbines or solar panels all over the country. They have restriction on building dams due to the country’s geography. So should they use coal power plant? No. GP will come up with pickets saying ‘NO GHG!’. So what should they really use? Greenpeace, I want an answer! Stop crying and give us solutions to reduce pollution. I see no difference between babies crying for toys and Greenpeace extremists crying for some matters. I believe in some part they are doing pretty well. Like dumping nuke waste into the sea and stuff. But most of the things they say, are shit.

  • bill

    You had me until global cooling.

  • George

    The environmentalist extremists and the animal rights extremists are  radical organized nut-cases !

  • Liz

    May the god of the godless atheists bless Paul Driessen and send the lying ships of Greenpeace to hell (and jail).

  •  Thanks for sharing this innovative concept sharing with us.. Excellent article..

  • Norbal

    Greenpeace lobbied against the efforts of Norman Lonbaug, the man who saved a BILLION lives – nuff said

  • Norbal

    Norman Borlaug saved a billiob lives by developing better plant strains for Mexico, South Asia and East Asia. Greenpeace lobbied The World Bank and the Ford and Rockefeller foundation to not fund his effofts in Africa. Are Africans too dark to count?

  • King Conor

    How much dose GREENPEACE spend keeping its garbage scows RAINBOW WARRIOR II and ARCTIC SUNRISE fueled?

  • Birdzilla

    So still these greenpeace jerks are always sending out their stupid junk mail urging us to send them $500 to keep the world from going KA-BOOM and their rolling in the dough GREENPEACE SUCKS

  • What is the difference between “athiest” and “godless?”

    • None.

    • George

      The word atheist begins with the letter “a”    and the word godless begins with the letter “g” and they both are spelled differently. Really , it’s true .   Ok ok ,  I’m messin’ with ya !       Ha ha

  • maxblaushild

    The government doesn't give ANY money to Greenpeace. It's funded completely by member donations. And the largest GM company in the world, Monsanto, just had its products linked to organ failure . Your blog is shitty and your sourcing is shittier.

    • maxblaushild – Wherever Greenpeace gets its money from, it is shitty and your comment is shittier.

      Take up your beef with our source.

      • maxblaushild

        “continue to fork over large sums of taxpayer money to Greenpeace” I arrest my case

        • Jillian Becker

          maxblaushild – please read our front page post Signs, Proofs, and Green Mischief. It takes up your points.

        • maxblaushild – here is the link to our front page so you can read Signs, Proofs, and Green Mischief –

          It takes up your points.

        • Brennan

           You arrest your case? I could tell is was bad, but does it really have to go to jail?