Muscular masculine communism 2

Attention pro-choice euphemists, environmentalists who want to reduce population, and all ye whinging western feminists!

By Mark Steyn:

As readers may recall, I’ve been scoffing for years at theories of China as the 21st-century hyperpower. It has two huge structural defects — a) an aging population; and b) an ever more male population. This last is entirely owed to the Commies’ disastrous one-child policy which ensured the abortion of millions and millions of girl babies: A woman’s right to choose turns out in practice to be the right not to choose any women. Result: Millions and millions of young men who’ll never get a date. Not a recipe for social stability. A new report by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences considers some of the issues:

According to the report, 24 million men reaching marriageable age by 2020 will never marry because of the sex imbalance. Think of it in these terms: what if the entire population of New York City or of Australia was never able to marry. Imagine the social implications in a city or nation that large where no one can marry. Imagine if that city or country is comprised solely of 24 million men; men with no homes to return to at night; men without the responsibilities of a family to keep them engaged in productive pursuits.

If that sounds like some futuristic dystopian thriller, there are more immediate problems:

While the number of baby girls being born has declined, the number of kidnappings and trafficking of young girls has risen. According to the National Population and Family Planning Commission — that’s right, the very organization responsible for the one-child family policy — abductions and trafficking of women and girls has become “rampant.”

Young girls are being kidnapped within China and also from neighboring countries (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand) by organized gangs who sell them to families with boys of a similar age. The girls will be raised by the families and given as brides to their sons as soon as they reach marriageable age. Others are shipped to brothels within China for a life as sex slaves.

In his schoolgirl paeans to totalitarianism, has the China-smitten Thomas Friedman of the New York Times ever addressed these structural defects? Or any of the ecopalyptic warm-mongers expressing barely concealed admiration for Beijing’s population-control measures?

And what a vast army China will have that will need to be put to use. To what use? Shouldn’t the leftist-pacifist  governments of the West be thinking about this?

  • Bill

    Yes, it's a scary thought of 24 million angry males of race A fighting males of races B, C, and D.

    Anything is possible. I'm 50 and have white skin and a male. I have not fathered any child. And from the scientific studies of recent, children of older fathers have more abnormalities, including autism and schizophrenia. So I decided it's too late for me to be a natural father. I don't want to take the risk. If anyone can find any study to counter the information about children of older fathers, I would like to see it. My own father was 38 when I was born. But 38 is young still!

    Besides, in my 20s and 30s the women I met were predominantly religious. So of course, atheists have been regarded for a long time more evil than even Islamic fundamentalists. Go figure. And I lived in a small town of engineers on a military base, which meant about four men for every woman. So I am similar to the statistic of too many Chinese men.

  • Atheist V

    I had always thought about this. Men are naturally restless. The majority are genetically programed to find a mate and reproduce. I just find it amazing no one in power could understand this. Unless world domination by arms is one of China's chief goals – or the development of sex androids. Besides who wants so many men… Women are naturally more socially close to each other, while men seem to always be in competition. Feminine communism seems to work much better.

    Think about this – a 24 million men army with technology advanced or better than the US. I suppose numbers don't really mater with Nuclear weapons and bio-engineered weapons though…