Torture and death in Cuba 3

What weak or absurd comment might someone like Michael Moore, maker of the movie Sicko which is full of admiration for the way he imagines the Cuban despots take care of their people, offer on hearing this story?

That it is untrue?

That the victim deserved such treatment because he was a rebel?

Or, hater of his own country as he seems to be, would Michael Moore evade the issue by claiming that America “tortures prisoners too”?

From Heritage Online:

Dissidents in Cuba are predicting that the death of Orlanda Zapata Tamayo will galvanize the pro-democracy movement on the Communist-governed island. Tamayo, 42, had been imprisoned since 2003 because of his membership in groups calling for democracy in Cuba. He died Thursday while on a hunger strike protesting his treatment by prison authorities. Cuba Archive reports:

“In early December, Zapata went on hunger strike to demand proper treatment. Prison authorities refused him water for 18 days, leading to kidney failure. He was then held naked over a powerful air conditioner and developed pneumonia. Earlier today [Thursday] and already in critical condition, he was admitted to Hermanos Ameijeiras hospital in Havana and began receiving fluids intravenously. He died hours later. The Cuban government never responded to his demands.”

We watch hopefully to see if Tamayo’s death really will “galvanize the pro-democracy movement”, and if it does, to what result.

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  • Al

    Atheist Conservative? Well, this may be enlightening, I hoped. Unfortunately, as a rational person reading this post, I was immediately forced to lower my expectations of what I was about to read with your initial comments, where you appear to read the mind of a documentary filmmaker (who used the orchestrated event of bringing several 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba as a part of his overall critique of the American health care system). It pretty much kills your credibility when you can't argue a case on it's obvious merits. What does Michael Moore have to do with this? Lame.
    And do you really believe that (yet another) death is going to galvanize any group large enough to make a difference on the island. Where I'm from, eso se llama comer mierda.
    Oh well, no one's perfect. At least you're an atheist.

    • C. Gee

      Michael Moore is the current celebrity face of propaganda for Cuba. He has a lot to do with, and represents, the left's attitudes to Cuba. Referring to him after the death by torture of Tamayo is not perfect, perhaps, but it is an efficient way of expressing contempt for Cuba and their apologists at the same time. Perhaps you do not hear the dry tone of dubiety of the post's last sentence ?
      But tone-deaf atheists are welcome here too.

    • Jillian Becker

      Al – We are sorry we failed to please you with our post, but you will understand that we couldn't fit it to your preference as we had no way of knowing what that was.

      The ghastly Michael Moore deceived a great many people about the nature of Cuba under its terrible dictators, and we hoped that the story we posted – not otherwise given much publicity – would convince at least some that his film was a load of dangerous hogwash.

      Of course, we'd like to be perfect and would try harder if only we knew what perfection is.