A fool’s errand 2

Vice President Joe Biden is to visit Israel on Monday.

Caroline Glick understands his mission is to persuade Israelis to vote Prime Minister Netanyahu out of power and the Left in, because President Obama believes the Left would co-operate with his plans to weaken Israel and strengthen the Palestinians.

She gives four reasons why he will not succeed. In summary they are:

  1. Most Israelis will not easily be persuaded to anything by Obama’s envoy as they don’t trust Obama.
  2. Netanyahu and his governing coalition are secure.
  3. The Israeli Left has lost its power of persuasion.
  4. When the Left was in power its policies proved disastrous.

Power Line adds one more reason:

Joe Biden is “a pompous buffoon”.

He also has a history of shilling for Iran, as Caroline Glick’s article recalls.

  • aeschines

    I'm pretty sure that Joe Biden was a gift to the Hollywood left from the Obama team. He's totally in the Hollywood Pocket when it comes to things like ACTA, DMCA, Intellectual property, and other such things.

    His position ensures that Hollywood always gets a say in the Obama House.

  • wyattbearp

    Totally agree that Joe Biden is “a pompous buffoon” which is reason #2 why the US doesn't get any respect anymore from our allies (the ones that still like us) – in my humble opinion