The good old days of slavery 4

Enslaving women is not what it used to be in the good old days of true jihad. People have become too selfish to do it properly.

Here is an Islamic authority explaining and defending the Muslim case for keeping women as sex slaves. The whole thing is worth reading if you can bear it.

This is how it ends:

One question that still remains is whether slavery still legally prevails anywhere in the Islamic world and whether it can be successfully implemented in this age. Well, there is no prevalence of lawful slavery in the Islamic world today and it would be difficult to implement it because of the stringent conditions attached to it. Firstly, the prisoners have to be captured in ‘Jihaad’ in the true sense of the word. Then again, If true ‘Jihaad’ did break out somewhere, there are still a number of other laws and conditions to abide by which are far too stringent for any Islamic country in the world to abide by in this time and age when people’s personal gains and whims and desire are being given preference to over Islamic Law. According to Islamic Law, captive female prisoners are also part and parcel of the booty. One fifth of the booty has to be first distributed to the needy, orphans, etc. The remaining four-fifths should then be distributed among the soldiers who participated in the war. The distribution can only take effect after the booty is brought into Islamic territory. The Ameerul-Mu’mineen (Head of the Islamic State) remains the guardian of the female prisoners until he allocates them to the soldiers. Only after a soldier has been allotted a slave girl, and made the owner of her, will she become his lawful possession. After she spends a period called ‘Istibraa’, which is the elapse of one menstrual period, it becomes permissible for her owner to have relations with her. After possession of the slave too there are a number of other laws that affect the master and slave. There is hardly any Islamic country today that can abide to all these conditions, with the result that it is quite difficult to implement slavery in this time and age.

Equally blood-chilling is this article from Civilus Defendus titled Four Stages of Islamic Conquest. One can mark just how far the conquest of various Western countries has progressed.

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  • aeschines

    Sexual slavery is actually liberating for women. It allows them to explore the power relationship between Dominator and Dominated, furthering an understanding of Foucault's thesis of “biopolitics” in action.

    Yet it prevents women from actually being exploited because they're secure from the leering eyes of strangers, which truly degrades them by making them objects.

    I believe we should use this as a model in schools today, which will allow students to really get a hands-on approach to sexual politics.

  • Jillian Becker

    Apologies, Civilus Defendus, and thanks for the links.

    We have made the correction.

    Also, we'll be visiting your site again in the future

    • Civilus Defendus

      I am heartened that growing numbers reject the media pap and the grant deception of islam. We are all in this together and it will take us all to get through. I will keep an eye on your site as well.

      The Death of Liberty Begins with Submission. (TM)

  • Hello,
    I got a ping back from your page. The 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest may be posted at The Religion of also, but your link is to my page at The following link is to a pdf that includes the 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest, an introduction on Why We Must Resist, and a note on the Muslim Brotherhood. I keep two sites, one for semi-regular blogging (CivilusDefendus) and one for public information pieces (Sharia-Free America). I also included a link below to the Call to Action – 18 Legislative Actions to keep America Sharia-Free. Good luck, and thanks for the ping.

    4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

    Call to Action – 18 Legislative Actions: