Doomsday Eve 10

This is a fulcrum moment in history.

If the Democrats succeed in “kicking down the door”, “crossing the threshold”, “vaulting over the fence” – to use Pelosi-Obama metaphors – by passing their “health care” bill, which is actually a bill to turn America towards unstoppable socialism, they will have a clear field in front of them.

The Left’s “long march through the institutions” brought Obama to the most powerful position in the world. Now the purpose of the long march can be realized: a collectivist world.

Then the brief American experiment in liberty – successful though it has been while it lasted – will be over: over for America, and so for the world. There have been only a few periods and places in which people have been able to live in freedom under law. Britain managed it for a while. The United States has managed it triumphantly for about 234 years. Ahead, if the bill passes and the Democrats continue in the direction Obama and Pelosi are leading them, lies collectivism, poverty, serfdom, misery. There will be hunger and want as there was in collectivist Russia and collectivist China; not immediately, but once the Capitalist Goose is killed, there can be no more golden eggs and the store will soon be bare.

However the swing to socialism is accomplished, whether by majority vote in a corrupt Congress, or by hook-and-crook, deem-and-wangle, if this measure becomes law it will be a victory for evil.

Jillian Becker March 19, 2010.

  • bill

    Stupak was the last holdout. He voted for ObamaCare only because Obama agreed to keep abortion out of the health care bill. This is why I HATE social conservatives. They will sell out to socialism if only to push pro-life on people or cram religion down others' throats.

    I can only call myself conservative by being pro-defense. Otherwise I am a staunch libertarian (pro-choice, for completely free markets, against all taxation, for RKBA, etc).

    Whatever happened to pre-1978 Republican philosophy (before the so-called “Moral Majority” hijacked the party from the Barry Goldwater types)?

  • Why does Obama remind me of Khomeinists in Iran?

    • C. Gee

      Vision! Hope! Change! Winning!

      • NoCountryForYoungMen

        I have way more vision than 0'Bama could even dream of… even being the sickly lowly professional student I am. His hope will turn later to despair. His change a victory for defeat. Obama has Cut the space program a more positive area to expend national energy than war, given up military superiority, given bailouts to a failed system, fraternized/sympathized with the enemy, almost completely ignored china effectively stealing from the US… the list goes on.

        Most amusing to me is how Bush invaded Iraq under the premise of their being weapons of mass destruction. Now under Obama we cede the gains in Iraq (we don't even use the oil wealth to pay for the war), and refuse to invade Iran and Pakistan two terrorist nations – Pakistan is already nuclear and the Secular friendly government is already extremely unstable, while Iran has crushed democratic protests – has been building nuclear weapons and even stated it plans to wipe Israel (the only democratic semi-secular nation in the area) off the map… a goal Obama seems sympathetic to.

        America the Irrational
        America the land of squandered wealth and power
        America the divided

  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    Since the Union victory in the Civil War, states are not independent in confederation but more like provinces in a federation. Libertarianism and freedom was squashed in the name of civil rights and the collectivism of the eternal union (emergence of just 2 parties contributed to this). So yes we have been moving towards socialism and collectivization… but I would argue that anyone who holds a steady full-time job or is down on their luck is a socialist – the only exception to this is religion … but that skews all rational evaluations of reality and is by nature extremely collectivist (the opiate of the masses).

    My vision I suppose is a world where most people have the tools, the intelligence, and the time to be a innovative capitalist. But this is impossible without advanced robotics, colony client-states, or a slave class.

    Till now the capitalist or insiders (applies to so called Communist states too) still remain such a tight nit group that even when a publicly known and obvious slave class or colonies/client-states were working for the 'home country/society' only a small percentage gained. Consider Great Britain during the age of empire. It was possible at the British Empires hight that every Briton could have lived like a lord off the labours of the colonies if the wealth of the capitalists was shared between every white british citizen. Instead an elite 10% (generous guess) received the majority of the wealth. True wealth trickles down… but only crumbs.

  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    I live in BC, Canada. We have socialized health care here… and there have been several pushes to allow people to pay to jump the wait line.. so far it has just been talk though. I would think a voucher system would be the best way to deliver affordable and flexible coverage and not just in health care – education too. Also Health care needs to reward those who live healthy lifestyles (don't smoke, do drugs, have bad diet, or never exercise ect).

    The fact of the matter is that while this obamacare might be bad economically in the long term. In the short term it will give medical benefits to millions of low income people simply don't have the money.

    • C. Gee

      Voucher systems are recognition by the state that the private sector does a better job. Which is why, as a general rule, they don't get anywhere. See D.C. school vouchers.

      “Affordable” health care, like “affordable” housing, is self-defeating price-fixing and economic nonsense.

      You say “Health care” should reward those who live healthy lifestyles? Yes, it should – and will – give preference for life-saving operations to those whose risks of ever needing them were low. Death Panels – doing the actuarial calculations in hindsight. But how is this morally different from not insuring pre-existing conditions, or raising premiums for fatties and smokers or other high frequency consumers of Healthcare? Or , indeed, the uninsured not being able to receive money to pay for it, or the insured being refused money by insurance companies?
      Meanwhile, millions of low income people either find a way of paying the doctor, or are given the treatment at low cost or for free – despite the fact that they are more likely to have “lifestyles” where they smoke and and eat “junk”.

  • C. Gee

    This will be regarded as exaggerated gloom- and- doom-mongering. Obamacare will not be the end of the great American experiment, the Pollyannas will say. America has never been a libertarian (small l) , minimal state utopia. The idea of an essential liberty-loving “America” is mostly a myth.
    Its boiling frog theory ( the frog will not jump out of the pot if the heat increases gradually) of socialist change has been thoroughly empirically proved by the left . The libertarian-conservative frog has long been boiled in the melting pot – some would say at least since the introduction of the income tax.
    The “unstoppability” of socialism in America seems to be unarguable, because it has never been stopped. Temporarily delayed. Held up at Customs. But certainly never driven back .
    I profoundly doubt that any conservative politicians coming in on a 'Repeal Obamacare' promise will accomplish it. The newly available “deem and pass” legislative tool will need majorities in Congress and a conservative in the White House. And in two, or six, years, the government share of the economy will be too large to dismantle.
    What makes this moment appear to be more doom-laden than the passing of the New Deal, social security, medicare, etc. is that the sheer triumphalism of Obama and the Democrat leadership will sustain the democrat majorities and retain the White House.
    Historic Legislation fought for and won! Bold! Visionary! Hope! Change! Progressives are on the side of History!
    This is really depressing. I don't think a cup of tea will cheer me up.

    • aeschines

      This is very true, C. Gee. When I talk to people, even older people, there is no shred of libertarianism or conservatism in them. I assume that these ideologies died out when they were my age. Too sad.

      I hear Chile is good, but the gun laws are abominable. Does anyone know where the gun laws are lax and the economy is booming?

      • C. Gee

        West Hamastan, apparently.